My Own World Part Twelve

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Here We see Moe Calling Amina a week later trying to explain the reason behind his rudeness......

The Excuses to much to bear.

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Part Twelve
I panicked. How am I going to face him let alone drive alone with him?!
I washed my face and wore a black Abaya and plain black scarf. I was in no mood to dress up.
But I did put a dash of DKNY perfume and clear lip-gloss- for myself!
Moe parked off and rang the bell. Lucky Aunty Behn was in Lenz by her family and Ayesha was doing an assignment by some friends.
I told the domestic helper that I would be back in a short while and walked to Moe’s car without even greeting him.
I didn’t know what to say to him. My heart was in pieces and I tried hard not to cry. I had no idea why I was so emotional.
“Are you okay with driving towards Sandton?” he asked.
“Hmmm,” I merely replied.
Once we were on the N1 North he started making small talk. The atmosphere in his Land Rover was very tense.
“Amina… I really didn’t mean to be Rude and offend you in anyway. Those guys are real wild, they look at every girl as a potential something. They real perverts.”
I kept silent.
“They are not shy to look at.. uhm a girl’s body and comment about it in front of her. I think you too innocent for that,” he said.
That made me smile a little. But I know he was just making excuses.
“Moe, you have to admit you were embarrassed about me.”
“No, No! Amina why would I be embarrassed about you man?”
“Because… Because I am not like.. those girls.”
Moe laughed! My face turned bright red in embarrassment. It was true!
“Are you crazy? Those chicks? They are real wild girls hey. It’s a good thing you are not like them,” he said.
“Why do you still hang out with them. The one girl, who was wearing the sleeveless top, she made fun of me in the JK (Mosque) on Friday.”
“Who? Lailah? She’s rude that chick. I mean she’s hot and stuff but she really is an airhead.”
I didn’t reply and stared out of my window at the Sandton lights.
“Amina I am really sorry man. You a good friend to have. I just don’t want those owkes (gang) to corrupt you. Those chicks are the girls we all jol with till we ready to settle down. But you…” Moe trailed off.
What about me?
“Moe what are you trying to say. I am not a naïve little girl.”
“Amina relax man. What I meant was… you… are the type of girl a guy marries, not jols (has fun) with.”
My heart almost stopped! I changed the topic instantly. I couldn’t handle talking about that. Did he want to marry me? Was he talking generally?
“What building is that? It is really pretty,” I said.
“Oh it’s the Michael Angelo Towers,” he replied.
We continued talking about random other things and eventually we turned back towards home.
Once he pulled up in front of the house, Moe touched my hand. It created shivers that spiraled down my back.
“There was an ant on you! There it is out,” he said.
Shew! How wrong would that be if he did attempt to touch me?!
“I hope we can be buddies Amina. It’s good to be around you man. And you get along with my other hommies. It’s just my soccer buddies, they my bras but I know how they think.”
I told him I understood, thanked him for the drive and jumped off.
That was by the far the most emotionally confusing moments of my life! Did he like me? Why did he want to protect me? Why did he explain only a week later.
I was so confused.
Later that evening as I was getting in bed I saw a message from Suhail. Gosh what did he want from me. This was so strange.
Suhail: Assalamualaikum (Greetings)
Me: Wslm (returned Greeting) how are you?
Suhail: Alhamdulilah ala kuli haal (Praises are Due To Allah – God) and you?
Me: I’m fine shukr (Thanks), what’s up?
Suhail: I heard you and Moe ironed things up.
Oh… Why did he care?
Me: erm yeah he explained what happened.
Suhail: Oh did he tell you that he wanted to protect you?
Really, why did he care.
Me: Jee (Yes) he explained to me what happened.
Suhail: That doesn’t justify how he acted though.
Whoah! Whose side is he on?
Me: I suppose everything is fine now.
Suhail: No Amina, you can’t let him treat you like that. He can’t get away with being so rude to you. He made you cry and didn’t think to apologize until a week later when he was lonely and wanted company.
Me: I suppose. But it is fine now. I am over it.
Suhail: I don’t get you! How can you let him disrespect you like that and get away with it…
WHAT ON EARTH WAS GOING ON?! To Be Cont... See part Thirteen


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