My Own World Part Twenty One

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Here Amina is totally amazed at the kind of Guy Moe is....

Having A Laugh with Ayesha about those Rule Book Girls....

Link from part One
Those girls were definitely not all good up there. Thinking that I will help them in achieving wrong doing. I know I’m no saint but I signed up for Tafseer (interpretation) for myself. No one forced me and besides I know these types of girls, when they get into trouble they turn and put all the blame on you. They are too naïve and that is why they end up doing the worst kind of nonsense and end up on the wrong side of the tracks because they are being forced to do things as per their parents wishes.
In the evening I told Ayesha what happened and she was torn with laughter. “Where do you think you going to pull out boyfriends for them?” she laughed. We were sheltered but I am so glad I was still allowed to go to school and have friends. When parents are so strict they force their kids to rebel.
“You must tell them you taking them out then you must take them with you to Ma Khairun. She’ll put them right,” Ayesha joked. The funny thing is that I hardly know anything about Jo’burg and they want me to take them out around town. “It will be the blind leading the deaf,” Ayesha said. I was happy we could still laugh and joke with each other after the whole Riza saga the other day.
The next day after lectures, I was walking towards my car when I saw Moe and Riza standing and smoking. When Moe saw me he killed his cigarette and smashed it under his shoe. Shame he has so much of respect. And his beard was growing so nicely too!
“Salaams (hello) how are you? You well?” Riza asked me. We made chit chat for a while and it turns out that Riza’s parents are up preparing his flat for the new bride. I asked if he was excited and he said he “suppose” he was. What is wrong with this boy? I don’t understand. Don’t get married if you don’t want to. The poor girl doesn’t know any better.
Moe didn’t say much he just looked and gave me a shy smile. I almost melted inside. Then Riza said he had a lecture to attend so he left leaving Moe and I standing there. “Where you off to now?” I asked him. “Naah (slang for No) I’ll just go home to eat something and chill. Do you want to come with? We can talk.”
Oh Gosh. Alone in his flat. Again.
But ag, Moe probably regards me as a young sister or something like that. There’s no harm. “Yaah (slang for Yes) that will be fine. Do you have chaai spice. (tea spice), I need tea desperately,” I said. Moe laughed as we walked to his Rover. Again on the way to Killarney we sang along to Zain Bhika and laughed at how off tune we were.
When we got to the flat Moe and I started bickering about who should make the tea. Apparently he says he makes the best chai tea in the world. He eventually won the fight and made the tea. “This tastes like istima (gathering of Muslim Men) tea,” I joked. It was actually pretty good and exactly what I needed. As we sat there, Moe asked me if I told anyone about what he told me the other day. “Of course not, who will I tell, Relax Moe, I am glad you could confide in me,” I said.
Moe laughed and said he doesn’t know why he was so emo lately, but his step father was really getting to him. Apparently he told his mother to come to Jo’burg and stay with him but she said no even though she really needs a break.
Things still didn’t make sense to me. How bad are things at Moe’s house. I mean my parents fight a lot too, it’s part of life. I wondered how Moe was when his father passed away. I felt so sorry for him.
I told Moe about those girls I met at Tafseer (Interpretation) class and he was literally rolling in laughter. “So you going to show these nadaan (Innocent) girls how to party huh, Amina? Naughty girl.”
I was so at ease with Moe these days. Jo’burg was a lonely place and it was nice to have him to talk to.
After a while I asked him what was really the issue with his step father hoping, he wouldn’t think I was too inquisitive.
“Its hectic man… Like he is a nice guy deep down but he think he owns my mother. You see my mother is from Durban and she married my father he he passed away in a car accident. And although my mother’s family is well off and stuff, the richest guy that came to propose for my mother they accepted. And my step father was fine at first. I used to hardly be there with my mother and him. Most of the time I was my by Nani (maternal granny). My mother is wonderful and she doesn’t complain and besides you know how we live, she has everything she wants. But then my stepfather started beating me up and shit (crap). It was bad. I was just glad that I inherited enough from my father and I have enough to live comfortably without asking that guy for money. It was tough thou. Having everything but being so damaged.” (like hopelessly confused)
By then I was in tears. This poor boy.
But Moe very quickly changed the topic and started joking about what happens at soccer and on campus. It was a sore point for him. I could see as we were talking Moe’s phone rings and he goes to his room to answer. I sat in the lounge waiting for him to come back. I began looking at the stuff on his corner table. It was mostly soccer magazine's and other junk. But then I saw a little brown book and I unwittingly opened it.
OMG! MOE HAD A DIARY. What! I couldn’t stop reading. I hoped he didn’t come back. OMG. It’s like reading everything that goes on in his head. O GOSH. I HAVE NO WORDS!!! To Be Continued....see link for part Twenty Two


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