My Own World Part Twenty Two

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After Reading what Moe Wrote in his diary made me feel as if I could run Away....

Talking To Moe's Mother on the phone....

See link for part one
I couldn’t stop reading. I glimpsed through as many pages as I could with my mouth hanging opening in aghast (shock). Gosh.
Then I heard footsteps coming towards the lounge where I was.
I panicked, Moe was done on the phone and I still had the book in my hand. What was I going to do? I was still in shock. I quickly threw it in my hand bag. What was I going to do? I pretended like I was looking at my phone. I ferociously typed random letters on my homepage in a desperate attempt to seem busy.
“Hey sorry about that,” he said. “No. no its fine… I must get going now,” I said. I couldn’t be around him for much longer, knowing what goes on his mind intriguing but awful. I couldn’t help but appear guilty.
“No, don’t go. I’m hungry and I’m sure you hungry too. Do you want to order something. Or I could cook you something,” Moe said.
“You can cook? Really? I wouldn’t risk that,” I joked.
“Well not cook. I could warm something for you. My freezer is filled. We have a khala (Aunt) that cooks for us so she comes here once a month and fills my freezer and yet I eat out most of the time.”
I knew he had a khala (Aunt). I think I knew now too much.
“I really should go home. Don’t stress.’
“No man. Stay. I insist. Why are you in such a hurry? Is someone waiting for you? Do you have a date I don’t know about?”
I giggled nervously. Okay, I had to stay.
“Come see what you want to eat. Here is a list on the fridge,” Moe said.
We decided that we would eat chicken chowmein but both of us had no idea how to defrost and warm it.
We argued whether the stove, oven or microwave would be the best option.
In the end he called his mother. “Ma, how do I warm the chowmein. I can’t find the instructions stuck on…okay, wait speak to Amina she will understand what to do.”
WHAT?! He wanted me to speak to his mother. He casually told his mother that I was alone with him in the flat. I hope she doesn’t think anything is up. More importantly, what will she tell my mother.
“Assalamualaikum (hello), how are you Amina?” she cheerfully said in her very polished accent.
I was always enthralled by this women until… until I read Moe’s diary. Breathe.
She gave me all the instructions and then asked me a million questions relating to campus and my mother.
I was so nervous and I think Moe realized. I greeted her and gave the phone back to Moe who laughed and asked his mother why she was interrogating me.
The poor woman. She had everything but she also had nothing. Shame.
Moe ended the call and laughed. “Why are you laughing?” I asked. “No, my mother is funny…” he laughed with a slight blush on his face. I insisted to know what she said but he refused to tell me.
I gave up and we started preparing the chowmein, Moe’s kitchen was a dream to work in. It had everything you could think off and the best of the best.
We set the table for two and ate in slience mostly.
“You know what my mother said….” Moe paused. I looked up but didn’t say anything.
“She asked if she must make the burfee (sweetmeat) ready…”
WHAT!!! But? What about all those things he wrote about me??? Was I not his “little sister”?... To be Continued....


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