My Own World Part Twenty

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Amina Meets a set of New young Girls that has a different view on Religious girls and university...

Everything is not clear as to the Ideas these New group of girls know about religious girls in university.

See link for Part one
Part Twenty
Moe’s life seemed perfect. His family had tons of money, he was good looking and they were respected in Newcastle.
I had no idea his father passed away. These Kanams (caste) can really keep a secret!
I felt so sorry for him. Shame poor Moe. And OMG, he could only confide in me? I may be very special to him.
You know this is always the case among us Gujarati's. You think everyone’s life is all glamorous but really people are living in terrible situations.
And shame, he felt for his mother. That really is a good quality. It must be hard for him. I wonder!!
But I mustn’t get carried away. I made a resolution to be good and not to focus on guys.
That is why I finally signed up for a Tafseer (interpretation) class in Mayfair by Apah (Islamic Teacher) Rukayya.
I was a bit confused what to wear for the first class so I went with a plain black Abaya (Islamic Attire) and a Hanayen scarf (head scarf).
When I got to the class I was shocked! There was enough bling to make me blind. Every lady had on their best abayas (Islamic Attire) on. It was like a Dubai fashion show with everyone’s camel humps (Head scarf style) bigger than the next.
Those abayas (Islamic Attire) were outrageous to say the least. But I quietly sat down and took notes as the Apah (Islamic Teacher) spoke.
We did the translation and explanation of Surah Faatiha (chapter 1 The Opening) which was so fascinating. Although I tried very hard to suppress a giggle every time the Apah said “jee haa (yes right)”.
After the lesson tea and biscuits were served. I really needed tea but the biscuits were Rama (margarine) biscuits and honestly I can’t even swallow those stuff. I poured me a cup when some girls came to talk to me. They introduced themselves and asked where I was from.
“Oh you on campus. That’s so nice. It must be so lekker (nice) that you away from home with so much freedom,” one mousy looking girl said in a high pitch.
The next thing I knew all those girls were asking me all sorts of questions about campus. They were literally blown away by the idea. Weird.
“So, what’s it like,” the one asked while the other wanted to know if I had a boyfriend.
These were good MashAllah (as God has willed) girls why were they so blown away by university life. I was a sheltered girl but not as sheltered as these girls.
Apparently they are not to have phones but they all had “secret phones”. How crazy was that.
Also they were all really desperate to get married to rich men. “You know how hard it is to find hard working, rich, pious Gujarati boys. Allah (God) it’s so hard,” that mousy girl squeaked.
Honestly I think that because they were kept sheltered from everything they are impressed by all the wrong things.
The idea of campus is exciting but it really isn’t all that wow. There is a lot to study, unsympathetic lecturers and mostly unfriendly people.
These girls think that if you go to campus, there are boyfriends out there waiting to grab you. I mean it is true that you interact more with guys but there are good people on campus.
I mean I am still good. Mostly.
But nothing disturbed me more when one girl suggested that I should help them play truant and skip tafseer (interpretation) class at some time.
“You know we can tell our parents we are here but you can pick us up and take us to campus so we can meet some guys and maybe smoke hookah (hubbly bubbly). We can leave our abayas and scarves (Traditional Islamic Attire) in your car and we can have fun,” Mouse-girl said.
Okay. Okay. I am not one to judge. But honestly?! Where are they going to meet guys and smoke hookah. This was sheer madness! To Be continued..... See Link For Part Twenty One


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