My Own World Part Two

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This is when Amina is introduced as the Story teller of her campus life (Introduction)

1st Day of Campus Continues... (part two)

See link for Part one as Follows
Part Two
I woke up with a shock. What’s going on?? I heard some moaning and scowling. Oh it was Aunty Behn who was shouting at the garden boy for doing something wrong.
Gosh it’s still dark outside. Why was the gardener even here at this time. But that could be answered another time. It’s my first day of campus!
I BBM Ayesha in the other room and ping here until she woke up. We both got ready for campus and wore fairly similar outfits.
Knee length dress, black tights, matching scarves and the identical bags. We both arranged our fringes so that it neatly beaks out of our new kashka scarves.
Lip-gloss: check. Foundation: check: perfume: check.
Oh goodness!!! Where is my ID??
After a rushed morning Ayesha and I leave. We were both given Yaris’s to drive which was really terrible.
I mean Moe was given an SLK in matric!
Speaking of Moe. OMG I was going to see him today. I was already getting butterflies.
I mean besides the fact that he is rich he is also very good looking. So fair!
Me: Salaams (hello) hope you well. I am excited for my first day at campus. Hope to see you.
Moe: (2 hours later) hey… yeah I am a little busy today but I told Sue to keep an eye out for you.
WHO IS SUE???  Is it short for Summaya? Was it his cousin? It couldn’t be his sisters! Was it his…. No it can’t be his girlfriend!!!
Me: Uhm.. who is Sue?
Moe: Lol. It’s my hommie Suhail.
OMG. I'm freaking out now! Why is a random boy going to look out for me? Who is he? O God!
Me: Lol okay lol.
Registration went well today and I was all signed  up and officially ready to start lessons.
It was Zuhr (Mid Day) time and I realized that I hadn’t eaten yet and I needed to pray.
I saw a girl in scarf and I went to her and asked her were the Jamaat Khana (small mosque) is.
“The JK is straight ahead,” she kindly said and walked away before I could ask her anything else.
As I walked in the JK I had a shock of my life. Girls were chatting to each other all over, some were busy doing their nails while other laughed as they chatted on their phones.
There was no way anyone could read Salaah (prayer) in this kind of noise.
I walked in and everyone looked at me weird, until a girl points at me and says: “I had the same scarf but it’s so last season in Dubai, so I gave it to me maid.”
Her little posy of fans around her chuckled, laughed and I looked ahead in shock.
What is this world coming too.
After I read Zuhr-which was a struggle with all the noise surrounding me- I walked outside, where I bumped into a cute guy with a little beard and untidy hair. He was cute in a brother-ish way.
Guess who he was? Sue! Or Suhail! Moe’s ‘hommie’.
We had a quiet talk about how it’s good to meet each other etc, until Moe called me and asked me to meet him at the front lawns.
I greeted Suhail and walk towards the front lawns when Moe greeted me with open arms.
We caught up about Newcastle, about my folks and about how campus has been so far.
Then he dropped a bombshell!
“Hey Amina, do you want to go out with me tonight?”
“uhmmm you mean… uhmm… like a date…?” To Be Cont... See Part Three


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