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A brief explanation on what Rocky is, where Rocky came from, and who created him.

Rocky is discovered

Just in case you are wondering about my profile photo, I’ll tell you.

Rocky’s midlife crisis occurred in the 1970s in a creek bed in Missouri when his almost four inches long, not quite two inches wide, and about an inch thick self was snatched from his resting place and tucked into the tote bag of Mary Ann Snapp.

Who, Why, and How

On days when the weather and the water level allowed, Ms. Snapp would take a hike into the countryside, wending her way up stream beds. Picking a day when the water covered only about half the stream bed, leaving the gravel bars exposed, she would walk along looking for rocks of an appropriate size, rocks that could be held comfortably in the hand. They had to be interesting, all sharp points and deep clefts wouldn’t work, nor would rocks that been rolled and tumbled in the stream until all the interesting features were smoothed away.

Ms. Snapp took the box of rocks home, sprayed them with insecticide, and set them outside for a day or two. When it was a good bet the bug population had been annihilated, she would scrub them super clean in hot, soapy water, rinse well, and leave them to dry. When dry, she would give them a coat of primer paint.

The artist, who appeared at craft fairs in her area, would set up shop with her table, paints, brushes, and box of rocks. Fair goers would gather and watch her pick up a rock, turn it in her hand several times, and proceed to turn out a memorable character in a matter of minutes.

Rocky Has a Home

Rocky has what is called planes and angles about him. When I received him as a gift from a friend, I thought he looked like a down-at-the-heels Irishman who had spent too much time visiting with Paddy at the local pub.

He ended up being part of the resident clutter on my desk top, where he earns his keep as a paperweight.

1. A Whimstone© is a copyrighted object created by Mary Ann Snapp.


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author avatar A.M>CrewsAnita Crews
2nd Aug 2014 (#)

Now I know the rest of the story! Thanks

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author avatar Joyce Singha
12th Aug 2014 (#)

I actually like your profile photo but somehow thought it was a mask. If it's a rock, it's even better. I love rocks.

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author avatar JayeByrd
12th Aug 2014 (#)

Thanks for your kind words.
Rocky is special.

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author avatar Annie69
19th Nov 2015 (#)

I know it's NaNoWriMo and I should be "killing people" (don't panic, I write murder mysteries) but I took a break to read some of your stuff. Nice

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