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Didn't mean to get personal, but i thought sharing this would help someone else.

Words of a <s>Heart Broken</s> Healing Girl

It takes just less than a second to be ruined and left with sorrow. But takes many a lifetime to be healed all over again. I can stand as a witness today and say I am a healing girl! I still am in the process but I see the light and I got my shades on boy! Your probably thinking, she’s still suffering… no it’s call testifying! When God has done something for me, I believe it should be told. If you read my blogs, I’ve spoken about what once where my “praise” were delivered too. I spent years after years seeking relationships from various guys wanting…their company.. them (society calls it love addiction). Break-up to make up to move-on and left to finished. “So much a girl can take” …well anyone not just a female. But God is such a good God! Not only has He been working on me, but He has been making me a forgiving person. Who should I be mad at? Who should I condemn because of my pain?? I’ve learned. Whatever I went through God always turned it around so that I would see Him in it! No, He’s not selfish … He’s my Savior!

I know what it feels to be rejected behind my back and in front of my back. I knew how to “act” like it was okay and I knew how to smile and make others think it was okay. But at night, it was not okay. At night, was when I released all the pain. And at night, was and still is where God and I meant up to talk. I told Him I was tired, I literally cried to Him my heart was finished and officially bleeding. He comforted me, took me in and currently and slowly putting my heart back together again. Each day I wake up, is a better day and a day farther from the pain and closer to victory!

He is still in the healing business. No one likes to be rejected. And maybe you are that broken-hearted friend but John 15:11 reminds us that God wants to put full joy and peace in our hearts, not just for today but He wants it to remain forever. Notice how a child learns about Jesus and when he/she first speaks to Him, he/she tells Jesus everything,literally ( “Dear Jesus, oh be right back, I have to potty.”). But as he gets older, he starts to tell Jesus less and less. This day and age, we MUST be telling Jesus more and more and more. Without Him, where would you be.. who would you be?

I just wanted EVERYONE, I wanted you to know, Jesus is working on me and can do the same for you if you are willing. Do not.. I repeat do NOT worry about me, just pray for me. The more prayer the more power. Then and there I can be fully healed and give Jesus the continuous praise that He truly deserves and preach to others my testimony!. And what if He doesn’t want to finish on me..well, ” I will bless the Lord at all times and His praise shall..SHALL continually be in MY mouth!” God bless and stay encouraged friend. <3

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author avatar Sana Rose
23rd Aug 2011 (#)

I can very much relate to this, Rachel. :) I got my heart broken four times before I found True Love. I was just a paper cup to them. But, I recycled myself. Poetry helped me a lot, empathizing with sadder things in the world healed me fast. But nothing heals a broken heart better than love - and that's why I got it 4 times.. LOL... Anyway, am happy and settled now, and I pray that you will be, too, one day soon. xoxoxo
Besides, you are right, I have become more forgiving and flexible.. and understanding and of course, interesting.. ;) And less stubborn and totally loving and compromising. The Lucky Sweet Guy, as I secretly consoled myself, was not very far away.....

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author avatar Rtttt
9th Sep 2011 (#)

:) oh my, you have touched my heart. I am very happy that you found yours. I actually have found mine as well :-) and he also wasn't so far away. I just had to sit back and see things. clearer.

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author avatar Sana Rose
10th Sep 2011 (#)

Well done, Rachel.. :) am happy for you my friend..

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author avatar Emanuela
9th Dec 2011 (#)

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with God, He makes all things new indeed!

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