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Sometimes I don't want to venture off, but, most of the time it is necessary to climb out of ones box to find some serenity and happiness. I had a great time with family and friends -- I also reconnected with a long lost childhood buddy. Three days of an island of escape off the coast of Cape Cod did me a lot of good.

A Tranquil Trip

A tranquil view of a bay brings rest to my ever-stressed nerves. The fluttering of angst my heart dances to has become a slow waltz. An Island by the name of Chappaquiddick, approximately six-hundred feet from the main island (Edgartown is the neighboring town) -- only a minute ferry-ride -- is the place where I have sought refuge for the last couple of days.

At first I was reluctant to go on this trip because I was used to being on a connected land of loud and toxic commotion. But, the minute I disconnected from the environment that kept me in my comfortable box of bleh, I found that I was starting to open up to the good feeling of being in and around positive people and places. I'm sure there are elements that bring toxicity to Martha's Vineyard too, but, it's hard to find. Hard to find because, during the summer months it's all about escaping from the hard life that everyone experiences. finding their time of quiet for just a few days, a month, or if lucky, a summer.

I'm very happy with my decision to be here for these three days.

Going To The Island

On the way to Martha's Vineyard from Boston, I was standing in line to board the bus and needed to ask the people in front of me how many stops there was going to be before Woods Hole. A couple answered my question; the gentleman who did most of the talking told me there might be a couple of stops, but, not a lot. I recognized this guy from somewhere, he looked very familiar. The whole bus ride it was bothering me, is he this kid I knew when I was a child? Could it be my childhood friend? Is it Robbie?

When I got to Cape Cod -- the last stop being Woods Hole -- I glanced at him again and continued to the ticket master to get my ferry tickets. When I got back outside I saw them (him and his wife) standing by what we all thought would be the entrance to the ship. I couldn't hold it in anymore, I had to ask:

"Excuse me, is your name Robbie (insert last name)?"

"Yes it is."

"Carsten, Carsten Aretz."

"Oh my God bro! What's up man (he had one of the firmest handshakes ever)!"

I sat with Robbie the whole ferry ride, we spoke the whole trip to the Island, and we talked about the past and the present: Good times, bad times, his wife, his kids, and how we got through our struggles to the place we found ourselves that day; sitting across from each other with stories that could complete books bigger than the abridged dictionary. I knew there was a reason why I gave in and went to Martha's Vineyard, aside from my sister's birthday and seeing my entire family, I believe God wanted to put yet another positive person into my life. Someone that has felt pain like I have -- someone that I can relate too.

We hung out the next day in Edgartown, ate lunch, and talked even more. He lives on the island year 'round so he knew exactly where I was. He's a carpenter and has worked all over the island. I was proud to hear about his success in his business, now I don't have to wonder what happened to him, I know, he has become a man, a family man, and a success.

This has been more than a trip and escape from my crazy life, it has been an all around positive experience. The experience has shown me that awesome things happen when I leave my comfort zone of me, myself, and I, and venture off to experience life.

It does take a bit of effort to find a lost smile.


Edgartown is a small, pretty, and simple little town with great restaurants, shops, a little movie theater, and ice cream to die for. For years I would visit Edgartown as a child and spend all my allowance on Mad Martha's ice cream and my favorite candy shop. We would pass through this town to get to South Beach, so my brother and I could body surf all day. What an exhilarating experience it was to take a wave ride to the rocky beach, just to do it all over again. Going to the movies was also an unforgettable experience, the popcorn with real butter, crowded with kids and their parents, and sitting with my family as we enjoyed a great time watching a good movie.

When I walked through Edgartown, went to Mad Martha's, my favorite candy store, and saw Spider Man at the Edgartown theater; these good old memories entered my mind as I smiled the whole time. I didn't go to South Beach but, that's okay, next time.

I definitely didn't want these few days to end...

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Independence Day

July 4th was a great day and night: I made myself useful and cleaned the house for what was going to be a long, but, good night of spending time with family, friends, and amazing food (damn my dad's a great cook!). Not only was it Independence day, it was also my sisters birthday; so I went to Edgartown to get not just my sister a birthday present but, my brother and step-mother their birthday presents too -- I missed their birthdays in June. These birthdays were also excuses to go to town.

My sister, brother, and step-mom received their presents before dinner and I was very happy that I was there to watch their faces as they opened their presents; I love seeing the smiles they get when they are happy from a gift that I bought them with love.

The meal we had was unbelievable: short ribs, grilled seasoned vegetable, chicken, and a great salad filled our palates with explosions of heightened joy with every bite. My sister baked an amazing brownie cake that was served with vanilla ice cream. The conversations varied from topic to topic and the interest level was without fail. After dinner, singing happy birthday to Katharine, and indulging in said dessert, we all sat at the table, had some laughs, and of course I had to perform some of my famous comic relief.

When the fireworks started we ran upstairs to the second floor deck and watched it as a family (friends of family were considered part of the family, well, by me at least). We heard booms followed by happy faces, stars, and glittering fireworks that lit up the sky with celebratory magic. I still added to the fireworks an element of comedy, bringing laughs to the party. I needed to be here, I needed to experience the close and tight-knit comfort that only family can bring. I was in my element and that is all that matters. Oh, and of course I had to go back to my favorite candy shop in Edgartown one more time, after the show.

It's Thursday and I'm getting ready to go back home and I'm going to take this positive vibe I have and try to apply it to my life. Why? Well, because I know, no matter how tough life can get I will always have a place on Chappaquiddick to escape too. So there's no reason to fret, just time for planning another trip to bring back that internal serenity. That serenity that is so easy to lose in the madness of a loud concrete pile of noise.

I enjoyed every minute of my time in Martha's Vineyard this year.

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