My Very Own Angel

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Falling in love at first sight and it seeming like the day has been perfect

My Very Own Angel

You took me by the hands and looked right into my eyes,
Whispering that you loved me and I was the only you'd ever need,
You kept your eyes on mine as your lips brushed across mine,
This was my first kiss so I followed your lead.

When you pulled away you had a huge smile upon your face,
I giggled at the look of shock registering in your eyes,
You said we needed to do that again I giggled and began to walk away,
It finally became apparent to you I was leaving and I heard you behind me.

You grabbed my wrist and pulled me back into you telling me to stay,
I just nodded at you finding this side of you so adorable like a little puppy,
You kept hold of me and I wondered if you'd noticed you'd entwined our fingers,
But it just felt right so I just let them stay that way.

There was something about this moment that seemed magical,
It started off like any other ordinary day before you came along,
There was a light around you almost like you were my very own angel,
You changed something buried deep within me.

When I got out of my little daydream you had a worried look about you,
I just wrapped my arms around you and that seemed to calm you down,
You told me I had zoned out for quite a while and asked what was on my mind,
I hushed you by placing my lips upon yours and you instantly knew what to do.

We spent the rest of the day joking around and talking,
I learned so much about you that I hadn't known before,
You were a sympathetic guy but this wasn't you to your friends,
To them you were the typical macho jock.

When it started getting dark you walked me home like a true gentleman,
Even placing your jacket around my shoulders so I'd be warm,
As you did I caught your natural smell and I loved it I wanted more of it,
From that moment on I was your number one fan.

You waited to leave until I was in my house, I still had your jacket,
So I figured this way I'd have a reason to talk to you again,
That night I went to sleep feeling content with life,
In the morning I awoke to a text from you, I couldn't contain my smile.

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author avatar Grumpybear
17th Jul 2013 (#)

Beautiful writing my dear. Almost Chrystal clear. Ty for sharing with us. You are a natural born writer. :)

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author avatar Taty
17th Jul 2013 (#)

thanks a lot honey :) thank you for reading :)

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author avatar Trillionaire
19th Jul 2013 (#)


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author avatar Taty
19th Jul 2013 (#)


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