My Voice For Child Adoption And Against Female Infanticide

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I wrote this poem in order to promote child adoption and also to raise my voice against female infanticide. I just wonder how the parents, especially a mother, abandons a baby who has grown inside her. Every child has the right to live a joyous life. So adopt a child along with your biological child, God will surely be happy and will bless you with lots of love and care for that kind and compassionate deed.

My Baby Angel

I heard the tinkling of her anklets,
And I heard them quickly coming closer.
Even before she opened the door, I knew,
For sure, those baby steps were of her.

I turned back and I saw her enter,
She was looking as lovely as spring season.
I love her much more than myself,
For all my happiness she is the reason.

She silently climbed on my bed and,
Sat on my lap with a sweet smile.
Then placing a wet kiss on my cheek,
She stared at me lovingly for a while.

She gave me a tight warm hug,
With her small baby and soft baby arms.
She said nothing and just wept silently,
For I could feel her tears warm.

I held her close to myself
Then gave a kiss on her temple
Looking into her crystal blue eyes
I asked,"What happened, my Angel?"

"How much do you love me?"
She blurted out in between sobbing.
"More than myself my dear",
I said,"You are my darling..!"

I wiped the tears off her face,
But they kept rolling from her eyes.
First time I found myself so helpless,
I wished to see what in her heart lies.

Slowly the night grew silent and cold,
She cried and then slept holding my hand.
As I watched her innocent little face,
Past memories came rushing to my mind.

She was just a month old when,
She was left in my care by a lady.
Yes, I did not give birth to her,
Yet I'm her mom and she's MY BABY.

I got lost in her crystal blue eyes,
When I saw her for the first time.
Her curly black hair, pink skin and rosy lips,
Made me fall in love with her in no time.

In her little pink bath-tub for hours
She'd sit and splash water all around.
And when she finished playing there
She'd jump on the bed, towel wrapped round.

She stepped into my life three years back
and gave me reasons to smile and rejoice.
Today her innocent words and crystal eyes
Retold the past story without any voice.

Every night when I take her to bed,
I kiss her and say,"Love you dear."
She does the same and sleeps with me,
Holding my hand and without any fear.

Dear God, I just have one wish,
Let my baby always be happy with me.
Let my love for her grow each day,
Grant this wish O God, I request thee.


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author avatar Lavanya
I am an emotional, creative and expressive person and I express my emotions in the form of poems and articles. I write in Hindi and English.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
17th Nov 2011 (#)

Very compassionate and affectionate expressions.
She's a very proud child of such a loving mother.

Adopting a child is a noble deed.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
17th Nov 2011 (#)

I added you to 'A to Z List of the poets @ Wikinut'.

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author avatar Lavanya
30th Nov 2011 (#)

@Rathnashikhamani: Sir what does it mean to be a part of "A to Z List of the poets @ Wikinut"?? Could you please enlighten me on that?

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
30th Nov 2011 (#)

Please go to

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