My Wife is a T-Rex.

Abioye Munashe By Abioye Munashe, 7th Jun 2011 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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I heard a man making this comment, "My wife is a T-Rex (the dinosaur) every day she bites my head off so I used to work overtime daily and volunteered to work on weekends as well as to avoid the nagging." A young woman defended women by saying, " I don't see it as nagging, I see it as an reiteration of a point because sometimes men don't get it when a woman speaks to them."

Do women really nag or is it that men don't know how to communicate with women?

Common Ettiquette

1. When someone is speaking to another person ask excuse and wait until they excuse themselves. Do not force yourself into the conversation ignoring one party as though he/she is invisible!

2. If someone is on the telephone ask excuse and wait until they excuse themselves. Do not rudely interrupt the conversation and demand attention!

3. If you need assistance do not forget the words please and thanks...they go a long way. "Be tender hearten and keep a humble attitude" (I Peter 3:8).

4. If two people are in company of each other always greet both of them in not greet one person and ignore the other!

5. If you are "hanging out" with two people try to include both of them in your conversations especially if it is one person is trying to build friendships. Do not engage in conversation all night with one person who you are accustomed to and treat the other party as a ghost!

Love and respect goes a long way!

Let us Love each other as brothers and sisters and do not do things that would cause a brother/sister to sin.

Who Listens?

Most people do not listen. Instead they hear mere words but ignore the non verbals such as body language. People even allow emotions and foreknowledge to prevent them from listening to what is been communicated. You may lie verbally but body language and other non-verbals never lie.

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author avatar Abioye Munashe
7th Jun 2011 (#)

I agree that women nag...what do you think?

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author avatar Songbird B
8th Jun 2011 (#)

Oh Abioye, you tread a dangerous path with that comment...hahaha. If men acknowledged, women wouldn't have to keep repeating themselves. Respect has to work both ways.....Interesting article and discussion...

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author avatar Abioye Munashe
8th Jun 2011 (#)

Thanks for your comment Songbird. This is a statement that is popular in my country...i just want to get an idea of what other people think

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author avatar Magic
8th Jun 2011 (#)

I agree that women nag...sorry ladies but it is the truth. Men on the other hand have to learn to listen to women

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author avatar Retired
13th Jun 2011 (#)

Believe me I listen, but she seems to speak another language:)). Just joking (not always). Of course women nag, its in their nature, but we have to understand them, and they must understand our ways, people must learn from each other, I mean ..that's why we are here... to learn.

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author avatar Retired
12th Aug 2011 (#)

The reason why women repeat themselves is because they have to exress what is going on and men after being married for a while tend to take them for granted. When that happens, everything they do is a drudgery.
With regard to the points above all good when you are with strangers but not when you are with your spouse/partner as that breeds doubt and pain and ultimately people end up telling the world negative things about their spouse.
The reality check of a relationship first comes from yourself and then telling the world about the spouse. Always put yourself in their place and then think. Moreover, isn't your wife pregnant?? Based on another article you wrote for your unborn child?? Its her hormones, cut her some slack. She is not a T-Rex she is carrying your future generation.
If she were to read it it would become U-R -Ex.
Take care and peace!!!

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author avatar Abioye Munashe
17th Aug 2011 (#)

Aiyanna thank you for your response but this article is not personal it is just expressions and if you read it carefully you will see it expresses point of view of both sides of the argument. Men say women nag but women say men do not listen...both sides were expressed for public discussion. I am sorry you thought that I would "hang my dirty linens in public." Sorry again for my dear friend and thanks for your comments

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author avatar Humza
30th Aug 2011 (#)

nice share aboiye!!

and indeed a true one, thnx alot for sharing!!!! :)

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2nd May 2012 (#)

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
2nd Feb 2014 (#)

I saw it both ways, and think you did a good job speaking to the differences between men and women.
Women are more verbal and generally more expressive. Many (but not all) are desperate to please, and that is not possible if the man does not indicate his pleasure (esp. outside the bedroom or away from the dinner table!!).
Different priorities can cause discord, but how boring if we were all the same!

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