My Wikinut Plan Of Action For November 2014

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If I am going to make the one million views mark I am going to have to start setting some monthly goals and make sure I hit them, starting right now.

Starting Off With Baby Steps

Reaching as million views here on wikinut is going to be no mean feat, it is going to take some serious work and so that I do not get sidetracked or disillusioned I am going to get things off slowly and build up from there. Although taking baby steps my seem a bit defeatist to some I have found in the past it is the best way to start a big project and I am going to use this tried and tested strategy in my million views challenge.

Building On What I Already have

As of yesterday I have reached a total of 66,500 views to date here on wikinut from 51 articles, so I am going to start to build this nice starting figure and try and reach 70,000 views by the end of the month. Obviously my previous posts will keep on producing future views but in order to add an extra 3,500 views in the next 25 days I will need to add to my article archive, which I am aiming to do as the month goes on.

My aim is to take my article total up to 60, which means adding another eight during the course of the month (this is post 52). This should be doable and will not only help increase the number of views I receive, but also get me in the habit of writing regularly here on wikinut.

As I said at the start of this article, I am starting things off slowly so I can build up confidence and momentum, after all as the saying says this is a marathon not a sprint and by setting a sensible early pace I will succeed in the end.

Embracing The Power Of Social Media

I am not one for just writing an article and just expecting viewers to just start flocking in to read them, instead I try my best to use the power of social media to help increase the exposure my work gets. In the past this has been a great souse of views and it I am to eventually hit the million view mark I am going to need the increased views social media can bring.

Beginning How I Mean To Carry On

So I am making a proper start to this challenge and I aim to keep upping the pace as time goes by. Eventually a mix of hard work and the power of social media will get me to that million views mark, but I will be taking it a step at a time, breaking the challenge down into manageable bite sided pieces.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
5th Nov 2014 (#)

Interesting project mate, cheers!

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author avatar vickylass
5th Nov 2014 (#)

You got it. Here's one more view. Enjoy it and thanks for sharing!

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author avatar Retired
5th Nov 2014 (#)

A million is a lot! I have managed to get a quarter of the way there in nearly three months, so I'm allowing myself a full year to reach the magic figure!

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author avatar Sherrill Fulghum
6th Nov 2014 (#)

The last time I managed to hit one million page views on a site, it took me five years; but then again I write mostly entertainment articles which typically do not garner as many page views as hard news and other similar types of articles.

So far, I have managed 97,000 in four months on Wikinut.

Wonder if I can hit one million again? It sure would be nice.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
6th Nov 2014 (#)

Social media sharing, done right, will really help you increase your views. Peter Giblett, Snerfu, and I have all written about smart ways to advance your social sharing views. I hope you'll take a look and learn from the experiences we've shared.

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author avatar Raihan Newaz
6th Nov 2014 (#)

good plan !

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
7th Nov 2014 (#)

Keep going step at a time , and your goal will get nearer
Bless you
Stella >I<

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author avatar tafmona
8th Nov 2014 (#)

keep sharing friend, this is so nice

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