My best birthday in a long time

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Now that Mother and Father have gone to church, Father carrying the letter of my release from our church, I need to start thinking about my birthday celebration that is coming up in just a few hours.

My best birthday in a long time

I remember for Christmas I once bought a very delicious chocolate cake pudding from Checkers Hyper. Shall we have that again for dessert? That would be really nice with some custard and toffee syrup. And perhaps we need some balloons to hang all over the trees in the garden. Yep, it's obvious I'll have to dash away into the city so I can get the required needings.

I get ready as quickly as I can and go out to my motorvehicle in the garage. While I'm walking to the car, the cellular telephone rings. It's my eldest brother Petros, calling to congratulate me on my birthday.

Petros' company can be slightly hard to stand at times. He tries to be kind but he just has a very nasty nature. He himself is very fat and didn't really make it in this life as high up the ladder as he would have liked, and unfortunately to feel he's not the only loser he tries to point out his own weaknesses in others, putting them down and so trying to divert the attention from his own shortcomings. And to top it off, he's extremely demanding at times and really taps one's emotional and physical energy.

Thank goodness we get close to the end of the call without too much of a hitch. I'm glad of that. Except of course, he just had to throw some kind of insult in there, and offend me with some remark about the fattening foods we're going to eat for my party. Luckily I was walking and opening a door at the time so I didn't really catch that, and that's a good thing too because I'm not in the mood to let this lovely day be spoiled for me. I'm slightly relieved when the call is over.

Nearing Checkers, I cannot turn into the parking area I usually use. What is going on here? Oh, that's right, it's near the end of the month and everybody must have gotten paid on Friday, so the whole city and surrounding area have come to do their shopping on this lovely Sunday morning.

I drive on to go see if I can find any parking spaces on the other side of the building. It quickly becomes clear that there aren't any open parking spaces. But a bit of luck befalls me - my eye catches somebody just about to pull out. I quickly turn on my turning indicator and pull in once they have left. That was really lucky, seeing how many cars are driving around looking for parking spaces.

And look - I'm right in front of the entrance! How cool is that.

After some time in the store, I have everything I need. I loaded a CD playing radio in the trolly too, so we can have our music for the party. My sister Elmarie calls me on the cellular phone during my shopping. It's quite a challenge to maneuver a shopping trolley through hordes of crowds and talk on the telephone at the same time. I have to keep it moving or I'll cause some crazy congestion here in the store.

Elmarie congratulates me on my birthday too. Thank goodness her call is much lighter than that of Petros.

Finally having everything I need for my birthday celebration, it's time to go to the till for checkout. Oh dear... I wait in a cue at one of the tills for more than half an hour, looking at my watch and thinking Father and Mother must be arriving home any time now. I was hoping to have everything ready when they arrived, but it seems it's just impossible.

Upon arriving home and putting the spoilables away in the refrigerator in Lordly House, I go to Tower Mansion to see if Father and Mother are home already. They are, and not only that, tey're just about ready with the lovely cooked meal Mother has been preparing. They ask me if we can eat already. I tell them to give me half an hour.

I quickly run to Lordly House. Half an hour is not nearly enough. But, I jump and get started. I need to prepare the garden, prepare the music and prepare the appetizer. How am I ever going to get all this done?

Oh no! I see through the open back door that way over in Tower Hills gardens, Father is already bringing out a tray with ice and drinking glasses. He calls out to me with disappointment that the table isn't even ready!

I tell him to take everything back and I'll call them when it's ready. At first he wants to protest as he usually does, but of course none of us needs to say that this is MY birthday party and I'll be the one to call the shots! Father has the personality where organization is EVERYTHING, and I mean everything. If the logistics doesn't work out perfectly, Father usually cannot process it.

Father leaves but leaves the stuff on the table. He's very brave to do so - these demon dogs always jump on top of the table and throw it over.

Oh no. Now I feel bad. It has become rather late, past lunch time, and I'm only starting to get everything sorted. Shall I just give it up and just go eat with them in the kitchen of Tower Mansion? They went to so much trouble to get the food prepared, and now it's just standing there all ready but getting old and dry.

I wonder now if I should just ... NO! I wanted this party, this is MY party, and come hell or high water we are going to enjoy this the way I wanted it!

I go to the West Wing and tell Mother that I will call them in an hour. At first she exlaims "Another hour?!", but I just say yes and leave to go prepare the garden.

Back at Lordly House I work really, really hard to get everything ready. We need a colorful umbrella and balloons in the trees and I need to get the appetizer ready in the new bowls Mother gave me as a gift this morning, and we need plants for decoration and the tableware needs to be laid, and whatnot.

I also wondered if I should put a carpet down on the lawn, but it seems that is unnecessary under the circumstances.

Finally, an hour later, everything is ready and I go back to the West Wing to tell Mother and Father to come. I find them in bed, fast asleep. I tell them to come but it takes a while for them to wake up and get refreshed again.

After brining all the food out, finally everything is ready and Mother and Father and I enjoy our party in the garden. How glad I am I pushed through with doing this proper! It immediately is a delightful feast.

Father pours us some good white wine. We have so much to drink on. Everything from me to Mother to Father and then all the blessings and then some.

They seem to love the music. They say I'm probably their only child ever to play them classical music on my party. Schubert is good, really is.

Well, this really is a swell time. Truly magnificent. And the food is delicious! Everything from my appetizer to Mother's cooking to the dessert including the lovely chocolate pudding I bought at checkers, is something to remember. We celebrate until we are so sleepy, we need to go lie down.

Later the afternoon when Majesty, my little barkly fluffy friend and I are taking a swim in the pool, the wonderful party is still swirling around vividly in my head. What a blissful time it just was.

And then suddenly I hear something else. I can't quite see what it is. Father comes out and points out to me that bees seem to be migrating.

Only then do I see that the sky over Tower Mansion is almost pitch black with a HUUUUUGE sworm of bees. But where are they going? There used to be bees living in the old chimney that used to be on the west side of the mansion, but that chimney was demolished when Father added the West Wing to the Mansion.

Are they looking for that chimney now? But what will they do if they don't find it? Are they going to invade the roof or worse, get inside the mansion? Oh dear.

But nope, it seems the bees have found themselves a new home inside one of the Tower supports. They accummulate until there's this thick ball of bees on the structure. Quite something to see.

Majesty and I are just glad we're in the pool so we can dive underwater should that storm of bees come too close.

Uncle Gus and Auntie René arrive too, and Father scream at them to not stop in front of the West Wing or they'll have their heads in a cloud of bees once they get out of the car.

But Uncle Gus, having stopped nearer the old stoep on Father's orders, isn't afraid of them. They won't sting, says he. They're just moving.

Ah, well I didn't have a fireworks display at my party but this spectacle of billions of bees migrating was as sweet as honey :)

When Uncle Gus and Auntie René have left, Mother calls me. It seems we're not done celebrating! Now that it's evening, we are going out for supper at any restaurant I choose.

Well, after all that eating this afternoon, I really can't eat much more than a light, small hamburger and a handful of fries maybe. So we go to Bullhorns in the city, where we sit outside in the nice, evening air enjoying our light supper. Really delicious.

"Have you handed in the letter?", I ask Father, referring to that letter that should take me off the church's books.

"I just put it in the collection plate", he says. "They'll give it to the Skriba."

Mother is still not happy about it, the part she seems to fear most is that next Sunday, during the announcements they are going to announce my departure from the Gereformeerde Kerk in front of everybody, and if people ask about it Mother won't know what to say.

Well if that is the worst of her worries, she's a lucky woman. It seems she has accepted this a bit more now, though she still believes I'm wrong and religion is right. It appears it's just basically the one thing we will never agree upon.

But I'm glad the matter is over now. Now I can move on, as I embark on a new life year.

And what a fantastic birthday celebration today was to get it started on a good note. Definitely one of the best birthdays I've had in years.

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