My current favorite book: Auntie René's memories

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I brought Auntie René's book along with me to Canyon Manoir.

Yes, she finally finished her book, recalling her decade of experiences at Nackby up until the point Father's house burned down with all Auntie René and Uncle Gus' things inside, including all Auntie René's diaries and photo albums. Fortunately she could scrape a few photos together from friends who had visited them, so she has some illustrations for her book.

My current favorite book: Auntie René's memories

Auntie Rene took the book to a printer. He first quoted her a price, but when she requested the book be printed in A5 instead of A4, the printer more than doubled the price.

So Auntie René just printed less of them. These ones she is giving out to family and friends.

An online publisher who sell e-books also accepted her book for distribution.

So now, this is my favorite book to read in Westland, since it is about her experiences in Westland. I'm learning so much from her book.

Although this book covers 1999 to 2009, which is just the other day, the experiences feel like the time of 1895 to 1995; it's amazing how all these things were here and how times have drastically changed here.

At the beginning of the era, there was only a shared telephone line. Now there's cellphone coverage.

The people who lived here in the area in the beginning were such old fashioned country folks. Now almost none of the original folk are still here.

At Nackby there was no electricity. In the later years there was.

Yep, no matter where you are on earth, modernization and the dying out of the old happens everywhere, as well as children becoming adults and then old people.

Life speeds past very fast, is one of the things that inevitably hit you when you read this book, even though that is obviously not the intention of it.

Soon I've read through the book. It's a pity there isn't more. I guess all Auntie René's memories were burned with her photo albums and diaries. Nobody will ever know anything more now.



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