My dear friendly neighbourhood spider man!

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A cry of help to a super hero to come and save this world of ours, infested with crime, abuse and violence!

My dear friendly neighbourhood spider man!

It's been a long time since I last wrote to you. I am writing on behalf of the large public.let me get to the point as soon as I can.

Our life is at stake.Our elderly brothers and sisters cannot breathe a clean breath.Our children are adviced to walk with their eyes closed, their ears covered, their hands tied up, their heads bowed down....they need to be told to act disabled...Our young sisters need to be protected...from head to toe...

My dear saviour...the question is from whom? what? where?

I am trying to rush into that now...

From our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles,step fathers,step mothers, cousins....from everyone..from everyone...(tears stream down all of moment...)

My dear us..the world is so full of terrible, hideous...animal instinct matter who they are...

Fathers are meant to protect their family

Mothers, the same

Each person holds their fair amount of responsibility to each one of them and their family..sons..daughters...infants..

However,it is so so unbelievable..

We have come to become so to harm..the people who mean everything to us..our own blood....

Yet, we are helpless...

Father protects the mother: 'She will never do that! son is just fibbing.."

Mother is all defense for the step father:" oh my daughter! she is full of lies...He (step father) loves her like his own..and the little devil she is...she talks ill of her 'father'....slap!slap!slap!"

Oh...this list is just infinite...goes on and on and on...

I hope you have gleaned what we have been trying to tell you.Hope you can comprehend.

I am sorry to say that like any other citizen, I am still beating around the bush.Transparency has still not befallen us...I am scared too, frightened..I know...I have all the freedom to express..we all do ...! am trying...but frightened...if our neighbour finds out if we wrote to you...he will go and voice his rights to the rights(!!!) and we will have to face a lot of pop music...and we hate pop music!!!!!!

We hope you would help sort this out for us...for the whole nation our families, please, we beg of you..we count on you...we trust you...

We pray everyday.....that we be saved from all this and more..

Thanking you in advance...

Looking forwards for a fast wipe out of the above calamities..

All of us!


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