My dog brings the house down while I'm away

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Kevin Sweefarend is still recalling the book he was reading while he had to work as a shepherd all day long, in order to kill the time. It would appear that Jakstein, the character in the book "Snuf Blaffelaar visits Electopia", also an aspiring writer, has a hunch that his dog has wild parties as soon as its master is out the door!

My dog brings the house down while I'm away

Jakstein has just crumpled up the piece of paper on which he had typed what he thought might be a breakthrough story, "The Lion And The Rodent", and thrown it in the bin. Seriously, that was a disgrace to the art of writing.

Okay, so maybe that one wasn't quite the masterpiece he had hoped to finally achieve, in order to open some doors for himself in the world of the writing profession.

But, he still knows how much he is sure that he would like to become a renowned writer, and most importantly, a financially successful author.

He just needs to work on it some more. As they say, practice makes one better, and he shall practise.

But what he feels he really needs, is some great inspiration. Something that really forces his true writing talent to the fore. Perhaps that will unlock the great masterpiece he has in himself?

He discusses all this with his white fluffy friend, Snuf Blaffelaar. What Jakstein would love is if they can start thinking about making a living out of Jakstein's writing. Wouldn't that be divine! It shall remain the dream until it is achieved.

Jakstein has a look at his watch. Whoops, he almost missed his class at the university now, and he would really like to be there in order to see Professor Toorneef, Jakstein's favorite lecturer, give his last class ever. Professor Toorneef shall be leaving the university to go pursue some strange career of sorts. What is it exactly? He hasn't quite specified, but he seems certain that that is what he's going to do now.

Jakstein grabs his college bag and kisses Snuf Blaffelaar goodbye.

He urges Snuf Blaffelaar to be well behaved while he is away, and not be too wild and bring down the house.

As soon as Jakstein is out he door however, Snuf Blaffelaar jumps up and starts dancing and partying. So, Jakstein's hunch was right all along.

Exactly how sure are we that our animals don't turn into party animals once we leave them alone for some hours? VIEW THIS CHAPTER IN VIDEO FORMAT

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
5th Nov 2015 (#)

Awesome post and hopefully its just in writing

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author avatar EENDAG
6th Nov 2015 (#)

Thank you fern!

And no, it's not just in writing. Didn't you see the link? It's all caught on tape!

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