My fearing friend with a phobia

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What did you just do??? WHAT???!!! How dare you!!! You are going to jail for this!!! Your punishment shall be never ending!!! You bad, bad, bad person!!! Torturous death is too good for the likes of you!

My fearing friend with a phobia

Ah, looks like I have a new friend at school. His name is Kobus.

We've been playing during breaktime for a few days. We're playing catch me if you can. Fun times.

One time when he tries to catch me, he grabs me by the shirt. My top button breaks off.

Kobus picks up the button and hands it to me, apologizing profusely.

I think we're just going to play on, but now Kobus is shaking like a leaf. He thinks I'm going to tell the teacher he pulled off my shirt button and then all hell is going to break loose as Kobus is flogged and his parents called and he's expelled from school.

I'm like no dude, let's just play on.

But Kobus retreats and then tries to disappear out of sight. Sheesh, what's up with that? Seems he really believes he's commited a very naughty crime here and he's too scared of the punishment now.

Well, I'm afraid that seems like the end of Kobus' and my playing together, as well as our friendship. Kobus is too scared that I'm going to report his evil reckless deed of destroying other people's expensive school uniform.

Mmm. Must be an incident from his past involving ruining people's clothes and experiencing severe rejection and punishment for it.


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