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This is a story I wrote quite a while back, its a story to inspire living.

The world bound in these eyes

Ever Since 1985, I was a small one, innocent, playful and of course one to cry a lot. Sunday, was the day to be born, coming out of the hospital in a small basket to play with your big brother, or sisters. The day was just perfect, no bothers, no work and all the time to introduce yourself to your family. One month in the outside world, breathing, walking and of course crying.

Those were my firsts, looking at my parents, getting hurt, having fun. Looking at the gigantean world with these tiny eyes. When we go out, we would enter this large hunk of metal and the world would just, pass by. I think they called it, ‘a car’. Learning and turning into a good person was everyone’s wish, but not all succeed, that’s what I got to know as I became a great one.
Once I was as radiant as the sun, different from the mortals of our time. That light got dimmer as I got bigger, taking away with it my life. I knew that I was going to be big someday, entering the big world. Knowing that my lifestyle would become a routine, I lent away my boredom, to look at the light side of life. My thoughts, my passion to live and explore. To survive…..

Entering this preposterous yet elegant world and leaving it, was the human’s master plan. Many of the people I knew, had left during the bloodlust of 1997, leaving me behind in this space full of strangers and dreamers.

Abided by the laws of nature, I continue in this cycle of life and grief. Sharpening my senses to this ever-growing world. I continue in this world, to survive. Resting in this chaos like a pure soul, I thrive for the time I had with my loved ones. Knowing that they won’t come back, I sat in my room, thinking; “What should I do?” My diminished spirit had the need for some enlightenment, a motive. A necessity to survive, to live.
I stared outside the window then gave a blank sigh while turning away. Just then, to my surprise, I noticed her……

Her smile was one of a kind, her eyes as shiny as gems and as tender as her hair. She was within my sights. Blooming like the first flower of spring, sending a chill down my spine with an ever-refreshing look on the face. She smiled with a sharpened glow casting me into a trance.

Coloring my world red with passion, and green with freshness. She was my light, from the black and white. Noticing me with a faint smile, I looked at her for a while. Putting my hand up with all my might, for her to say, “How are you today?”

Giving her a curious smile, I say; “It’s been a while” Bustling with childish excitement and dreamy eyes. Hearing the large winds cry, leaving her hair in the skies, I call to her with a never ending shy. Looking at her magnificent figure in such a beautiful form was just unimaginable. To think all dear to me had lead me to meet such a dream, from losing my dear ones to gaining such a dream. It must have been ‘FATE’.

The aftermath of this meeting was in my favor, if you know what I mean. Leaving aside this stranger life, to the enchantment of a girl. I had but, one thing to know. ‘What does she think of me?’

My heart beats fast and my breath grows shallow, as I walk along this strip of lines leading to her. I reach a large mansion to see her standing in the front yard. Dilly-dallying in the yard, with a cute and cheeky face. She looked at me with her graceful eyes, and with a gorgeous smile. She waved at me, making my heart pound against my chest.

This is the leap of faith towards my judgment. I will tell her now, “I love this life, you’re my life”. She gives a smile and says; “This whole life of yours wondered when you would respond to it, and now you have answered my request.” This was the dream of my life and my love. She was my life and my love, as I embraced her forever in my arms.

Staring deep into her eyes, I saw the child within me. The fear of losing her was one that killed me most. This was one thing that would last my whole life, I thought. With her, my days got shorter, and ones that were more lively and energetic. It was like the first storm, a dormant seed experiences. These were the thoughts that filled me inside. My soul grew to become stronger with her by my side, as my guide till the end.

Lighting up my path to the road to happiness. I would stare at her each day; my eyes were fixed onto her. It felt like I was floating in the skies, like the clouds separate from any other being other than her. It was our world, separate and divine. There were no chains, no pains to bind us against our will. It was ‘Love’.

Like many people say; ‘happiness is like a roller-coaster once you go up, you may come down’ and that was the day we came down. Her mother’s funeral.

She had a very big burden to carry after her mother died. I went to the funeral with her, as it poured pearls from my angel’s eyes. I shed these tears in the memory of her family. The skies trembled with an agitated cloudiness to give a pouring rain of god’s grief to our loss; it was a dreadful rain covering our bodies with the pain of losing a loved one.

I stood by her side, powerless. I couldn’t do anything to comfort her that moment. I lift my hand towards her face, bring her closer. I hug her as tightly as I can, I can’t help but do anything else. There’s no other way.

I supported her through it all, we swore to move forward and never look back. It was for her own good. I could not think of what was good for me, well not now at least.


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author avatar Bridgitte Williams
19th Nov 2011 (#)

Welcome to Wikinut, love your writing style. :-) I favorited you. Write on!

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author avatar Aditz
21st Nov 2011 (#)

thx bridgitte

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