My first experience with hearing the voice of my Guardian Angel.

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I have been blessed with hearing a voice that has provided both safety and guidance from my Guardian Angel. In this article, I share my first big experience and how I was spared physical trauma.

Right of passage - moving out of my parents home into adulthood.

When I turned 19, I moved out of my parent’s home and into an apartment with a friend and two roommates. We were all young women starting our adult lives.

I had been living with my dad, as my mom had moved out of the house due to their divorce, a few years earlier. The divorce was not amicable. They were figuring out their new lives and sometimes licking their wounds.

I had never lived with people outside of my family and was excited to experience this new independence.

Offering parting words as I moved forward weren’t available and I didn't think to ask.

For example, something I didn’t receive was wisdom on moving out, what to look for in roommates or what constitutes a good place to live.

I was so excited, I didn’t notice.

However, I was about to go to the school of "Hard Knocks" to learn these lessons. Lessons which have never been forgotten.

My first roommates.

It was the summer of 1977, my mom, sister and one of my brothers helped me move to my new place.

It took me a day to set up my belongings in the apartment. I met my new roommates, All of them were nice. This was going to be great!

We did have a lot of fun. Our house was a party house starting on Thursday night.

It was fun, fun, fun for a few months and then things started to shift.

A strange man entered our unlocked apartment.

My roommates would constantly leave the front door unlocked. One morning, I came home at 6 a.m. As I approached the front door, I saw that it was slightly ajar. My thoughts were “Joan” forgot to lock the door again. I knew my roommates were home, but they were asleep. As I approached the bathroom, there was a strange man standing there.

Frightened by the site of this stranger in our apartment, I jumped back. I asked him what he was doing. He said he thought he had the wrong apartment and walked out. The man was drunk and confused, but not dangerous. Phew, we were all very lucky.

The kitchen is on fire!

One of the ladies started a fire in the kitchen as she tried to cook tortillas on an electric stove. She had seen her friend heat tortillas on the open flame of the gas stove, She didn't realize she shouldn't place the tortilla directly on an electric burner.

Entertaining an obscene phone caller - what?!

As I entered our apartment after a long day of school and work, I overheard one of my roommates having a conversation with an obscene phone caller, letting him know where we lived. Panic filled me as I pictured some crazy person coming to our apartment. I was shouting at her to hang up the phone.

Being the oldest of 4 children and a helper to my mother, I had been an adult since I was 8 years old. This level of irresponsibility was confusing to me. There were a number of other situations that made me say I have to get my own place. Roommates didn’t feel safe to me.

On the hunt for my own place.

Being a college student and holding 3 jobs, I was strapped for cash. So, I started looking for single units that had the best price.

I settled on a 1 bedroom. I loved it. It had a living room, kitchen down stairs and bathroom, bedroom upstairs. It was perfect!

If you asked what song played in my head, it was probably, la, la, la, la. I was happy and positive. My life was moving forward with school and work. I was an adult and excited to be an adult.

My introduction to my Guardian Angel.

Then there was that one fateful night. It was 7:00 p.m. in July when the sky became dark, as the sun had set.

Wow – my lights went out. I looked out of the living room window and everyone’s lights were on but mine.

I turned the knob to go outside and check the fuse box. Then, for the first time, I heard this voice. He firmly said, "Stop! Shut the door and lock it. Go up your stairs. Look out the bathroom window."

I followed these instructions as I heard the urgency and warning. I couldn't believe it. There was a man with a stocking mask on his head and he was crouched down by my fuse box.

Wow, that was a close call. A man with a stocking mask was waiting for me!

I quickly pieced it together. He watched our complex and saw I was the only single woman living alone in this building and so he hatched his plan.

Where did that voice come from that saved me? Was that my Guardian Angel? Yes it was. The voice was so specific and at a minimum saved me from a brutal attack and at a maximum saved my life.


For the next two weeks I suffered from post traumatic stress feeling like someone was going to get me. I decided to move back with my Dad, a safe environment for awhile. Clearly, I had a lot to learn about the world.

This real life experience (vs. theory) taught me to be aware of my surroundings and to know about the neighborhood I live in. Moving back with my dad allowed me to heal for a bit.

Humble gratitude.

This was the first time I heard this voice, but it wouldn’t be the last which I am fully and truly grateful.


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I have survived cancer multiple times. It took 8 surgeries, 33 sessions of radiation and chemo therapy. My focus is on being healthy in mind, body and spirit and helping others do the same.

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author avatar Mariah
13th Jun 2014 (#)

Well Katharyn I have always believed that there are those who watch over us and thank God, that's why you were saved from this predator.
I can well understand how this affected you in the aftermath, it must have been terrifying in thinking he would be back, but you were protected from him and will remain so.
Thanks for sharing your story.

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author avatar Katharyn Brady
13th Jun 2014 (#)

Mariah - you are so right!

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