My fond memories as a lil girl

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Touching and fun fond memories as a lil girl that I just had to share with the rest of the world.

When I was a lil girl

I remember when I was a lil girl,
my mother packed neatly my father's lunch in a brown paper bag, and sent me and my sister to meet him at the bus stop, and we saw his bus drive-up to the bus stop, we boarded the bus and handed the driver, (my father), his lunch and said good-bye, it was fun and exciting seeing our dad do his job, I guess he forgot his lunch when he left home that morning.

Every morning, as my father got ready for work before we got-up to go to school, I could hear him and my mother scurrying around the 2 bedroom apartment, and that loud radio with the same commercial advertisement every single morning Blairing,  "More park sausages mom,...Pleeaasssee!!!"  I'll never forget it.

One afternoon,  we were all outside playing,  me, my sister,  and my brother,  and we heard the ice cream truck afar off, know that beautiful magical melodious sound you here, it was an attractive tune that played continously beckoning everyone to come & buy an ice cream cone, and that's exactly what everyone did, so we all dropped everything and ran home to get money so we could buy an ice cream cone from the truck,  as soon as we reached home, me, my sister, and brother like 3 lil chirping chickadees hollered-up to the 3rd floor window,  "Ma!,..Ma!..hey Ma!, can you throw down 25 cents for an Ice cream cone?    Unbeknownst to us, everything was already taken care of, my father who had just gotten-off from work sneakily appeared with 3 huge vanilla ice cream cones from the ice cream truck parked right out back from where we lived, we were utterly shocked and amazed, it was the best surprise ever.

My mother had a best friend who had 2 sons our age, and they lived in the apartment building next to ours, and one evening, my mother and her friend got us all dressed-up, of course we kids had no clue or idea what the plan was for that evening,  but it was truly amazing as a child to behold a huge room with a huge table where every snack and treat imaginable was on display to be devoured by us little people, I was in awe, the table was loaded with goodies, and another awesome thing, there was no supervision from any adults at all when it came to picking a snack, it was totally "help yourself", and I remember going for my favorite,  "egg salad sandwich", already pre-cut into small triangles, it was totally awesome,  my mother would make me the best egg-salad sandwiches (preferably made using Hellman's mayonnaise) to take to school in my tin-can lunch box with the thermos, and my thermos was very special to me, because the thermos top had water concealed in it, and at night my mother would put the top in the freezer, and that frozen thermos top would keep whatever beverage she filled my thermos with cold & chilled through-out the day, and then some way, some how we lost the top and that was the end of that, all the little children were instructed to come and sit in the middle of the floor, and Santa Claus with his big white beard sitting before us in his big chair, I believe we sang some songs together, and then Santa began calling each child up by name and presented each child with a beautifully wrapped gift, and when he called my name, I was shocked, how did he know my name? I thought, was an amazing evening, an evening that I still cherish and have never forgotten, I felt like I was at a Grande Ball.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
25th Nov 2014 (#)

You have brought to us the innocent times of childhood in all its glory, Jacqui. Nature has never changed but we have to stick to basics than get led away by those that divide us - siva

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author avatar Jacqui Brown
25th Nov 2014 (#)

Thank you so much for your comment, it was nice to go back in time.

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author avatar WOGIAM
25th Nov 2014 (#)

Reading your article brough tears of joy and nostalgia to my eyes, i also have the best memories of my growing up, i hope i am able to give my children such priceless memories too.

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author avatar Jacqui Brown
25th Nov 2014 (#)

Thank you so very much for your comments, it was nice to go back in time.


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