My heart of gold

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This is a quick poem I wrote this morning while trying to make sense of what is going on with my relationship.

My Heart of Gold.

No one is perfect, so the saying goes.
Mistakes are made and forgiveness flows.

When we met, I handed you my heart of gold.
It was yours to keep, to have and hold.

Our relationship was not based on love
but on our need to not be alone.

My love for you grew
and I thought your love for me did too.

Too much alcohol was drunk and tempers flared.
Mistakes were made and still I cared.

I picked up my heart of gold up off the floor.
Dusted it off, glued the frayed edges, and gave it to you once more.

Days, weeks, months, and years,
Mistakes were made and yet I cared.

The pattern repeated over and over
Now my heart of gold is looking pretty battered.

The worst came when you cheated and lied.
Through my tears, I still tried.

I fought for our relationship and we started anew.
But making a relationship work takes two.

Tempers flare again
and more damage is done.

The pattern repeats
and my heart weeps.

My heart of gold is now silver from the tape holding it together.
And once more I hand it back to you with my shattered dreams of forever.

My best is too good yet not good enough.
You have broke my heart and shattered my trust.

I love you enough to try again
but my trust, you must win.

I love you enough to walk away.
The choice is yours if I go or stay.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
16th Nov 2014 (#)

Great writing! Might I just say Bless your heart! It sounds to me like this relationship is like a ship rocking in the wind. Sometimes it's better to come in to shore and wait out the storm. Smiles to you and I wish you happiness!

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author avatar tafmona
16th Nov 2014 (#)

wow, and I wish you all the best dear friend, hope the love is felt and given to you in return

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author avatar Utah Jay
16th Nov 2014 (#)

I could feel your words.

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