My love shall not die

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dedicated to my school-life romance,now,we don't have any contacts.she is now settled at delhi,studying e.hons. at miranda college...miss you dear very much!!<3 <3

My love shall not die

Last night i was thinking of you,

I was recalling those beautiful moments,

when we used to spend some time together,getting engrossed in our conversations;

when taking a walk along with you through the ajc bose road ,

is not at all a problem;

when the heat and pollution of the traffic becomes bearable;

because someone was walking along by my side;

when deliberately taking the longest route possible on my way back to home,

is not a problem,because I could be with you for a few more minutes;

when walking hand in hand with you feels heavenly;

without caring the disapproving glances of the passer's by;

When getting drenched in the rain is so romantic,

that we damn care about bringing an umbrella;

when getting inside "haldirams" or "only alibaba" is a must ,

just to have a sip of coffee with you,

when a touch of your hand is a must ,when nothing goes right;

when wondering about why my heart beats faster on seeing you,

when there is something magical in the air,which starts to blow faster whenever we come together;

when dreaming about you is so heavenly,that waking up early in the morning becomes a nightmare;

when exchanging sweet nothings over phone is a must,just to hear your breath;

All of a sudden I realised that I have got someone very special to me,perhaps a friend I've known for sometime,but never knew that she became so much to me!Good days come often, Bad days do too, but the best days only come when I'm with you.I want to hold you close to me and feel our hearts beat as one forever!


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author avatar dj sinha
i'm just a simple guy,engg stdnt from iem.for ur info m just a beginner in writing skills,thought of sharing it wid all u guys out there!!my writing will basically focus on relationships,love,passion.

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author avatar Geetadubey
26th Jun 2011 (#)

i hope she returns back to you seeing your love for her

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author avatar dj sinha
26th Jun 2011 (#)

thanxx dear....:)

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author avatar chellanglo
26th Jun 2011 (#)

Beautifully said... these are things a woman who longs for love hopes to hear!

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author avatar THARA RAJEEV
26th Jun 2011 (#)


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author avatar Minakshi
26th Jun 2011 (#)

awwwww.............true love...........i hope you meet again to create a marvellous love story.

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author avatar dj sinha
26th Jun 2011 (#)

thanxx dear....:)

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author avatar Pink&Blue
12th Jul 2011 (#)

Lovely poem dj sinha

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