My religion.. An accident.

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Is our religion an accident.. Did you ever choose to follow your religion.. How is it that you do whatever you do??

I do not mean to offend anyone.

First of all, I would like to apologize if I offend anyone with this article. What I am writing here is just my point of view. I mean no harm to anyone’s belief or faith. Please forgive me if you believe that I have hurt your feelings in any way.

Accident.. Yes, No denying it..

Let me begin. So, is my religion an accident? Probably yes, At least that’s what I think so. My reason for this is because I never chose my religion. I simply took birth in a family that followed a particular religion. It’s great to see that people worship an omnipotent being called the god. I am not against the idea nor am I with it. It should be a person’s choice. Having faith and believing in existence of something all mighty and powerful actually gives us a positive sense of safety. If there is anything that promotes peace and love then it’s a good thing. In fact it is proven by a research that a positive environment is good for one’s health.

There is no religion on earth which promotes hate. If I am wrong please correct me. It is us humans that create hate. When we hate or despise something. We bring in god, and say you hate it in the name of god. You don’t like it because god does not like it. Yet the religion talks about god being a figure that loves all humans no matter what.
Anyways my point here is not to compare the good or bad of a religion. My point is about the choice of our religion. As much as I like the people who keep faith and belief in their religion. I am not particularly very interested to take part in everything that my religion has to do. A person must have a certain degrees of freedom. Visiting churches, temples, mosques and other places of worships every often is not a possibility for everyone. There are some rituals in every religion that sometimes don’t make sense. Now, it may seem like I am contradicting myself. But one must understand the difference between this and belief. These are two different aspects.

A person must be exposed to a friendly and multicultural, multi-religious and non-religious environment and must have the right to choose the best for him. Forcing someone into a religion just because he is related by birth to it is wrong. Religions are not meant to spread hate. It is meant to bring people together and make peace. Once all this is sorted out. The world will become one happy and better place to live in.


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author avatar A K Rao
16th Aug 2012 (#)

I believe in on religion and that is Humanity! Though I am Hindu by birth I respect and regard every religion and participate in every religious festivals those are celebrated in India without any reservations! Yes I belive and agree that my religion is an accient! Nice one! Thansk for sharing!

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
17th Aug 2012 (#)

Religion is a vehicle used by mediocres to promote a faith but have common values befitting other communities/religion. Its when you see the real true face of a religious fanatic and the hypocrisy with blind belief that you walk away and shed light on the three basic fundamentals of life, Do Good, Be Good and Receive Good. Its called spirituality and evolution of the mind.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
17th Aug 2012 (#)

Life isnot about sitting in church with the wife and kids, then bonking the priest for remission of sins and going Hail Mary full of grace, pray for me and human race. Amen. Its about how you live and show it in your deeds and actions to all of the mortal realm.That is what makes a difference to Pay it Forward in life and above all give you a peaceful existence within with wholeness , abundance and joy.... Its called the Love for Life. Love is my religion.....

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