My story on how I stayed married for nine years .

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This is a truthful article on how I stayed married for nine years . I tell some of my best tips on how I made my relationship last.

How I stayed married for nine years .

I'm going to start out by saying , marriage isn't easy. You have to work on it , and you have to first and foremost want to be married . My husband and I have been married for Nine years and we are still in love .
There are days when we have our ups and downs . On those days we'll sit and talk, because we realize that we need to communicate with one another. I have noticed that being open with him has made me a better person . I found out that I don't get that angry, if we do actually talk instead of ignore the problem at hand .

We started out as friends , always telling each other the truth . I got really lucky when I found him. He is an old fashioned man and has a heart of gold,he's the kind of guy that will give you the shirt off his back if you need it. Me I am no walk in the park , I'm hotheaded . But I guess opposite's do attract . One of the most important things we always do, is always say we love one another . For some reason or another there's a comfort in knowing your loved and cared for. When it comes to the financial part of the marriage , we have our problems but who doesn't ? My husband and my favorite saying is , "That's the outside world!" Meaning we just concentrate on us . I reassure him that we will make it through anything, as long as we have each other. Love is one thing we live by, for our marriage . Trust is the other thing, that we cherish and hold dear.

It is the most simple thing's, that keep a marriage alive . Together we are stronger then we are apart. I want to tell you that , what I have learned in all these years is that love is real and marriage can be forever .You have to give it all you got, love each other with everything you have. Trusting one another is the key , What I have found really works, is Enjoy one another and your life together, cherish the moments you have . And always be truthful with each other , because being married is worth it .


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author avatar Denise Salmon
6th Oct 2013 (#)

Great tips, thanks for sharing

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
6th Oct 2013 (#)

Intersting and nice post coming from the heart! Nice post

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
6th Oct 2013 (#)

My husband and myself had an open relationship with great communication until his mother decided to butt in with the brother to advise him I was unfit as his wife because I worked and made him do housework around apart from taking care of our child.
This resulted him becoming extremely violent and angry and abandoning us, sleeping with others and finally losing his mental balance to the extent now he thinks his concubine is a wife and hasn't been communication with both the wife and child for three years now.
Like you 9 and three Quarter Years of marriage and he racked up expenses worth over 100k while I strove and cleared mine without detrimenting personal possessions and character.
Very similar to the husbands characteristics but unfortunately his mother and brother and his girlfriends ruined the relationship effectively putting the wife and child out here in NZ on the road. My true condition in life. I forgive the lot of them though and am happy with my child while he can kiss his mothers' ass and live with his useless brother in India.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
6th Oct 2013 (#)

Trust is important and belief in the common journey. There should be no me and you - only us. Both should treat each other's family equally. It is a matter of adjustment and give and take - certainly not one giving in all the time and the other lapping them up! siva

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author avatar S.West
6th Oct 2013 (#)

Thank you for the comments , good luck in your own relationships and I truly hope you all have happiness and love with the one you choose to be with.

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