My vote in the 2014 South African elections

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Here I stand at the cardboard voting booth thingie. Well, it's not really a voting booth, but more of a cardboard desk with a flap in front for privacy. I like cardboard furniture. I wish I could have one of these.

Ok let's see...

I unroll the ballot papers.

My vote in the 2014 South African elections

(Continued from here.)

Oh good heavens! This is how divided the South African population are??? The list of parties and people to vote for seem endless! I'll be standing here reading for 20 minutes if I read through them all!

Ok, maybe it's not that bad. I think on the national ballot there are 29 parties to vote for.

I start browsing through them from the top. It starts with Pieter Mulder of the Freedom Front Plus.

As I scroll down, I remember that I never did resolve my inner battle. As voting day drew nearer, I had been wondering who to vote for.

The DA is the obvious choice because it's the strongest opposition for the ANC. However, the Freedom Front Plus seems to be the sanest of them all. Then, there was another party I heard of the other day called Front Nasionaal.

When I first heard of Front Nasionaal I thought it's another brut boer rightwing bleh bleh party. But, then I heard Mother and Father heard an interview, and it also appears to be a sane party.

For example, where all the Communism-based parties want to pretend that the land ownership issue is one as simple as that "white people" or "Afrikaners" came from Europe and "stole" the land from black people, Front Nasionaal actually looks at history and find that for example, in history a Zulu king might have given Afrikaners farms as reward for fighting on his side in one of his wars with other tribes. Therefore, Afrikaners have a legitimate claim to that land.

In my quick browsing down the list of parties and photos and whatnot, I can't spot Front Nasionaal, but also think that because they're a rather new party, they might not have that much support yet to actually beat the now much hated corrupt criminal mafia that is the ANC.

So, I just decide to vote Freedom Front Plus at the top of the alphabetically arranged ballot paper. Both of them.

I put my ballot papers into the two ballot boxes. There, all done. Hopefully they count towards re-establishing good service delivery in South Africa.

I wait at the boxes for Mother to finish up too.

When we leave, I ask that IEC guy outside what I should have done differently regarding my registration. He says I must register here at his physical place (even though at the IEC office they told me I can register there and they'll put me on the registration list for this voting station here) next time.

But, says he, even if I can't, they'll just do the same next time as they did this time; fill me in a form and then I can vote here.

Well, even though the organization was a little bumpy, all in all all's well that ends well. This was a fun excursion.

At the cars, I greet Mother and Father and them as they leave for The Land Of The West.

I drive behind them for a bit, until Father has to turn. He turns too sharply and has to reverse and try again. Perhaps he didn't think the trailer with his flying machine needed a wider turn.

Well, there go those lovely people, driving off into the distance, while I return home.

Well, I hope this election actually means something. I read somewhere that ever since 1994, the elections were rigged because the "IEC" and the ANC are in bed together. The 1994 election was set up so the ANC won, and even recently in by-elections in Potchefstroom/Tlokwe it came to light that the IEC staff made sure the ANC won.

It probably won't be any different this time, and the ANC and their lacking service delivery and corruption and stealing of public funds and bankrupting municipalities and appointing unfit cadres into positions to the detrement of the quality of life of the population will continue unencumbered.

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