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To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders
~Lao Tzu~


The only thing that makes the emptiness so bearable is knowing that we're not alone
And somewhere in the universe is another lonely searching soul
Considering the stars seem close and yet they are so far
From where I stand on shaky ground as I wonder where you are
In light years of super clusters neon heavens are displayed
Lost inside rendition I find my heart no longer in dismay
So infinite in numbers and compliment each other with utter grace
And here I am on a spec of dust in search of love without a face
But somewhere beyond horizons twilight gifts encourage us
In those times we search for hope our souls are always looking up
Subsequently to my collection I realize they have placed the answers here
Illuminating enlightened paths to outshine our simple fears
Again I compared us to the stars above where our numbers cannot reflect
So possibly the world isn't full of strangers just some friends we haven't met
Then with will and perseverance my hearts imagination began to bloom
The universe acquiesced in silence revealing a love I never knew
~ JJF~


A romantic thought of death is to believe their the ones alive
Although we embrace the living perhaps we are the ones with covered eyes
I pondered on this notion during my peaceful walks through hell
Aligned with rusting treasures thrown from foolish wishing wells
Considerately it comforts me with a temporary escape
Deep within meditation I elevate my mind beyond my grave
Giving a life unto the ghost inside of this hollow shell
While the living say to cast the dead to rot amongst themselves
But I believe death has the potential to become one with perfect light
Slowly removing darkness until we ascend into new heights
Although at times it may be difficult and sometimes filled with pain
Those who have endured will prevail eternally inside of grace
So as life is like dirty water and within the depth of all its murk
I am the lotus flower reborn, cleansed, and free of dirt
While the world around me is muddy, dismal, harsh, and filled with gloom
I will achieve enlightenment and beneath the sun my soul shall forever bloom

~ JJF ~

You must be a lotus, unfolding its petals when the sun rises in the sky, unaffected by the slush where it is born or even the water which sustains it
~ Sai Baba ~


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