Mysteries in life

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Mysteries in mind thought.
Random patterns that wander aimlessly in the mind.
A hope, a dream, cares left open to search my heart.a


In life there are many choices to be made. In life those choices have consequences. The consequences may be seen immediately or make you yearn for years to the outcome of a choice made.
However in time that is just a part of the mysteries in life.
Setting goals is a way to convince the mind that there is an alternative to doing nothing.
Plans set into motion, a yearning to make some positive choices and determine the long and short term goal.
Days are planned but in actuality they still remain a mystery.
The reason for this to be my thought is in effect it takes one little thing to alter that plan.

Alternative thinking

Determination and repetative motion in the mind is setting a standard.
A routine for daily plans.
Early to rise they say builds a better day. Rest and relaxation are also just as important.
If one fails to stop and smell the roses and to lift oneself up to see the birds sing no matter what.
Is it not the same in life?
Taking time to see that mysteries in life are adventures yet ventured.
Hopes and dreams fulfilled are stepping stones to success.
Obtaining the goal as a child learns to crawl. They have spent countless time with their face in the downward phase to see that they lift their head and see a whole new way of thinking.
They want to crawl but it is a process in the mysteries of the mind that gear us to strive towards such a simple task. Yet to a child that task causes frustration.
So it is with an adult setting goals at times there is a set back but it is only ones chance to lift the head and see there is hope.

Training the mind thought

Adventures in life are lifes way of keeping us motivated to try again. It is with diligence and determination to make ones self a success.
You have to want it, as the child wants to crawl. Moving forward from a crawl to walking. It is a process .
The mystery is no longer something that is deterring one to fail. It is the determination for success that leads one to set goals and achieve them as well.


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The love for my children drives me to leave a legacy of hope and faith, a desire to attain the highest goals and never limit their chances to learn and grow.

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author avatar Retired
26th Sep 2012 (#)

Thanks for sharing :) enjoyed.

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author avatar Sandralee
7th Oct 2012 (#)

Thanks Adam

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author avatar Souvik
20th Oct 2012 (#)

Good article Sandralee.
Souvik Chatterji.

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