Mythology of the ancient Maya tribe

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Mythology is a really interesting subject, I find the blend between history and myth, truth and fiction and fantasy and reality is what make it so good. One great race of people in mythology are the Maya. They created pyramid temples and their own religions and creation myths, read on to find out more about the Maya.

Creation myths and the Maya

Creation myths and the Maya
Most races of people from any different time in history, have their own creation stories. What we now call myths were more often than not, once were the religious tales of the day. There are many different races from many different times, who try to explain the meaning of the world and human creation. and it is through their stories, we get to know a little a bit more about them.

The Maya are one such ancient tribe, who had there own tales and legends which live on to today. Where Guatemala and the region near it is today, used to be where an ancient tribe named the Maya used to live. The history is that they lived there from around 500 B.C. to 1524 A.D., until they were over ran and smashed by Spanish foreign invaders.

The Popol Vuh

The Popol Vuh is the ancient document, which helps us to understand the creation story of the Maya peoples. In the Popol Vuh, it tells us that it was man who was created first before the woman as in the Christian bible. They thought that in the start of all of life, there was nothing at all but darkness. The sky was above the darkness with the sea below, but nothing but dark nothingness rested between.

It is a group of gods who are credited with creating the landscapes, animals and the flying birds. As far as creation mythologies go, the Popol Vuh is a very interesting one indeed and a little brutal. In the Popl Vuh, two different races are created, then destroyed. The creators were said to have made the first race out of clay, but these were mindless people. So much so the creator destroyed them, before making another race from wood. This didn't turn out as planned either, as these wooden race of people had no souls. Instead of trying to find some way of helping these wooden people find souls, instead the creators destroyed them.

At the suggestion of a parrot, coyote and a jaguar, it is said that the first people of success are born. There is then some great jealousy from the Maya creator gods, towards this third race of people. It is said that they were made so perfectly, they were as good and nearly equaled the gods. The gods didn't want this, and messed with there minds. Clouding there intelligence, making it so they could no longer even see the gods.

Maya, pyramids and snakes

Certain Maya people, tried to cheat this old ancient tale. They thought that by eating certain herbs or plants, they could in fact see the gods once again. I'm sure they never did really see the gods, but after a couple of the right plants i'm sure they thought they did. After people were said to have been made, the Maya tribe believed that they were living still in the complete darkness. It is said that the poor lost people begged for some light, so the creators created the sun, moon and the twinkling stars.

Pyramids are something which come up a lot in ancient history. The Maya people built great temples in the shape of a pyramids. Two are at Teotihuacan in Mexico, and it is said they are dedicated to the sun and the moon.
The snake is another feature which pops up a lot through out the ancient mythologies. And in Teotihuacan there is also a vast temple, which the Maya dedicated to the feathered snake god Quetzalcoati.

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