Naphthalene, the silent hazard to your health

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How can a commonly used thing be so hazardous to your health? Well, apparently it is.

Naphthalene, the silent hazard to your health

I finally have the wardrobe department in place. Basically at least. There are still a few things Waldorf needs to do, like put locks and latches on wardrobes. But for the most part, we have successfully divided Studio A into two parts, the wardrobe department and the editing studio.

It feels good that all the clothing and costumes are much better organized now. I have also put lots of bags of cut-open Napthalene balls into every wardrobe and cupboard. That should protect the clothes.

However, something is still bothering me. There are days when I come into Studio A and get a very strong smell of naphtalene there, and then there are other days that I come in there and I don't smell the naphtalene at all. I start to think it depends on whether I leave the windows and blinds open throughout the night, or not.

Finally after some days of this, I start to wonder about this. There are times I have really bad headaches; in fact it's starting to feel like the kind of headaches you get if you have meningitis; that kind of loose pain plate in your head feeling.

Mother dishes up my food one evening. However, I don't feel like eating. I take a few bites and that's it.

Some days later, Mother comes into my room in Tower Mansion.

"Marzeus, are you feeling healthy?", she asks concerned.

Usually I would just tell her to stop it already, as she can sometimes be overconcerned and worry herself sick if I just seem a little tired, or talk with a little slime on the throat. Marzeus is sneezing; oh no he's got a cold!! boo hoo!!!

But this time I can hear it's one of those invisible mother-child connections speaking - sometimes a mother just knows something is wrong with her child, without having been told.

Yup, even Mother knows what I have started to suspect: That something is making me sick, and I have been getting a suspicion that it's those naphtalene balls. I tell Mother I'm going to take them all out and find an alternative.

The next few days, searching online, I find an insane amount of warnings about naphtalene and what it can do to you. I can't even remember everything, but loss of appetite is one thing, as are headaches and liver damage and you name it. Even just exposure for a short time leaves an insane amount of damage to your system. Oops. I've had days of exposure. Can't imagine what problems we're going to find with my system next time we go to Doctor Killarney.

And napthalene must not be touched! Touching them poisons you through the skin. Yup, it's very clear that these things have got to go, because they are making me very, very sick.

So one morning I take a plastic bag and collect all the bags of naphtalene balls from all the wardrobes. How to dispose of these? Well I read online that you can't dispose of them, because even if you throw them away onto a landfill or bury them outside, they go right through to the underground water and pollute it.

Well whatever; I'll just take them out and store them in another building wrapped in three plastic bags. It's a good thing I mostly just kept them in the bags they were purchased in, and just cut off the tops; instead of taking the balls out and strewing them around in the clothes. Now it's easy to just take them out in the bags and dump the bags in a big plastic bag.

But now what is going to protect these clothes? I read online that one can use cedar wood chips instead. I have no idea where to find some of these, but I'll ask around.

Well, the place still smells of napthalene, but over the next few days the smell subsides and I feel less sick every day.

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It is surprising what problems that everyday chemicals can cause.

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