Narcissism a malady

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Today’s Malady....Narcissism they the malady of today...but since ages more pronounced now

Malady today

Today’s Malady
Narcissism they say
is the malady today

suffer many personae
you could be one inn your own field too
I was only an egoist sufferer of an Ego- Cancer

narcissism is worse today
specialists say

then what do such guys display

do hear silently
don't them betray

they need sympathy why

it is a mental condition
where in guys /gals have an inflated
opinion of their own importance
a deep need for excessive
attention and admiration;

they suffer from troubled family
inner family relations
and so also lack
sympathy/empathy for others

now say medical psycho doctors

do they really mean it so
go visit them and ask
it may help you also

take care
if you are a candidate
with a doctor do update
ere it is too late

all the best
but do make haste


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
6th Dec 2017 (#)

Yeah, all yearn for sympathy and empathy but in a world where they are getting scarce with time in short supply some seek refuge in themselves. They may not be attention seekers but still cry out for basic attention which are denied.

Life here is not easy as the thick skinned rule the roost - siva

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author avatar LOVERME
6th Dec 2017 (#)

UR ANALYSIS OH MY Lordz is marvulouss

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author avatar Red Roses
7th Dec 2017 (#)

Very true. I have a relative who is narcissistic and it is a nightmare
Thank you for the share.

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author avatar LOVERME
7th Dec 2017 (#)

i wonder if u read the one above... ten years hah 4 get it wonder who she is
well thanks for ur maiden comment

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