Nationals come first

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Writing a critical article on such as an issue may not be politically correct, but it's the way I feel, having been invaded by thousands of so called refugees.

Nationals come first

A while ago, I watched a video on youtube entitled “Is this England? Where are the English?” This video showed me a high street of any of the many areas in an English city. One watched loads of coloured people walking about in the streets. Some of them looked like quite freak ones. The street was busy with people walking up and down. Shopkeepers showed their produce outside and I spotted a lot of litter on the ground. However and among all of these folks I didn't see any English white person, showing decent looks and manners. I guess these English have decided to move on to other quieter and cleaner areas.
Having lived in England for several years, that video didn't seem the England I had known and that I quite liked it. That video could have been shot in a main street in Pakistan, Bangladesh or in the West Indies, because there was no trace of a normal English person walking about.
The photograph I've chosen for this article shows us an entrance with a Union Jack, a red carpet and an officer bowing to let them go in. However, this Union Jack could be replaced with any other European flag, because the same problem is everywhere: thousands of immigrants are allowed to enter in any European country whether they are necessary or not and, obviously, against the interests of nationals.
Are they really necessary in any European country when unemployment among nationals counts for millions and they don't have a chance to find a decent job?
Be an unemployed national asking for welfare help and one will soon be asked for countless of forms to fill in and a long time to wait to get a pittance to survive. Be one of these so called refugees and they'll soon be assisted with money and housing.
Next to where I live there's one of these so called refugees begging in the street and I was amazed at the brand new Apple phone he's using. Does begging give this much to be able to buy an Apple Smart phone?
I know that writing on such an issue isn't politically correct as has been said and I may be branded as a racist one, but I know well I am not one.
Groups of left wingers are attacking a social centre in Madrid, tagging them as racists and fascists, because they have established this centre to assist Spaniards only with food, clothing and legal aid. They aren't racists or fascists, but they are trying to help to nationals that the social services won't help at all, because they are more to help to all of these false refugees.
If one ever meet someone, thinking this way, have a conversation with him / her to know why she or he thinks this way and before you brand them as a fascist or racist one. He or she may be dead right on having such views.

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