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About the life we enjoyed right here on earth. Thou, there are a lots of pollution, the earth still retained its distributing water cycle.

Perfect Recycling

Take for example, a city supply fresh air and water then unfortunately the source of the water was cut and its sewers blocked, disease and death would soon follow. But consider: Our planet is not like a restaurant, were new food and supplies are shipped in from outside and garbage is carted away. The clean water and air we depend on are not shipped in from outer space, Norris waste materials rocketed out. The question worth asking, is how does the earth remain healthy and habitable?

Three Things Are Involve

Δ The water cycle: Water as all know is essential to life. It very hard to live without water for even few days. The water cycle distributes fresh, clean water around the planet. This involves three stages as well.
1 Solar power lifts water into the atmosphere by means of evaporation.
2 Condensation of this purified water.
3 Clouds, in turn, from rain, hail, sleet, with falls to the ground as rain.
Now let us go back to question ask above. That takes us to the second reasons why our planet earth retained its natural ability.

Δ The Carbon And Oxygen Cycles: As we know, in order to live you need to breath, to take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide. With the countless humans numbering seven billions today and animals doing the same thing. Another question comes into play. Why does our atmosphere never run out of oxygen and become overloaded with carbon dioxide? The answer is found in the use of oxygen cycle. It is the amazing process called photosythesis, plants take in the carbon dioxide that we breath out. Secondly, when we take in oxygen, we complete that cycle. In other words, all this production of vegetation and breathable air happens cleanly, efficiently, and quietly.

Δ The Nitrogen Cycle: Our life on earth also depends on the production of such organic substance as protein.To produce those molecules, nitrogen is highly needed. Happily, that gas is what makes up about 78% of our atmosphere.

Nitrogen were converted by lightning which plants can absorb. Finally, when plants and animals die, the nitrogen compounds in them are broken down by bacteria.


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