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The other day I took a walk down the dirt road that leads to Battle Lake. Along the road I notices many animals. Most people who go to the park only look for deer and moose, large animals, but wildlife is all around us.

A Different View

This is not some Kerouacian diatribe or lifting of any type of thing from old Jack. Simply my thoughts and observations I had tonight on a walk down to Battle Lake, a smaller lake in Alberta. I live near this lake and in fact the road that leads to the lake and county park at that lake begins directly across from my driveway. This is a walk that I take often and I know about every inch of this road.

Most people drive on this road and thus sadly miss something very important about the road. Well something that I consider very important. Some people may think these things are trivial and in fact judging how most of the world behaves I can be confident in that statement.

Small Life on the Road

Every time that I walk down this road I am constantly amazed at how much life exists on this road. Tiny little creatures that are ignored and driven over. By driven over I do not mean crushed but driven over as planes fly over our heads and those inside ignoring the life below. Sadly, of course, some are driven over and squashed, their bodies temporarily becoming part of the road.

As I walk down the road I see spiders, ants, beetles, caterpillars, damselflies, dragonflies, and other tiny creatures crossing the road and surviving the onslaught of the few vehicles that use the road, RVs, cars, and various trailers carrying boats, ATVs, livestock and what have you. The little creatures just go about their life there on the road using it and for the most part surviving. I say this because the amount of tiny creatures I see alive as opposed to crushed is higher. There is plenty of life on the road; lucky creatures that the road is not overly busy.


So many things that we take for granted in our busy lives are things that we need to slow down and enjoy. We need to be able to remember how we thought of the world when we were younger, and free spirited. We would stop and look at insects and not simply charge ahead looking for "bigger things in life".

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
Raised in Michigan, I have a son who recently joined the Military. I am living in Canada with my wife where we have a hobby farm.

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author avatar spirited
27th Jun 2014 (#)

living in that sort of environment would certainly help, but yes the world needs to slow to from its constant driving for things that really do not matter.

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author avatar spirited
27th Jun 2014 (#)

living in that sort of environment would certainly help, but yes the world needs to slow down from its constant driving for things that really do not matter.

that's one such example, I didn't really reread this before submitting it, hence a typo.

the mindset has to be changed somehow....

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author avatar snerfu
27th Jun 2014 (#)

Poor animals, drivers ought to be more careful.However, it is better they are free in the wild rather than being caged, I think.

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author avatar Ptrikha
27th Jun 2014 (#)

You indeed observed such things so closely on the road!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
27th Jun 2014 (#)

A busy executive was asked to slow down and smell the roses. He told his secretary to being one, took a sniff and gave it back; then back to business! Also the few who take to power yoga while glued to work with gadgets. Many take a wrong direction in life - blame herd mentality - and when they near their destination they rue the path they have traveled. I mean wealth accumulation for its own sake and feeling the heat of those impatiently waiting to get them! siva

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author avatar Retired
28th Jun 2014 (#)

I agree that we do need to slow down and view the beauty around us once in a while.

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author avatar n.c.radomes
3rd Jul 2014 (#)

You're a true and sincere nature lover and with such an attitude travel will never be dull and lifeless. Keep up!

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author avatar Retired
12th Jul 2014 (#)

I live in the West Virginia mountains, a NJ transplant, and I never cease to marvel over how blue the summer skies are here, how vibrant the fall colors. I still get excited to see a doe and fawn in our backyard, or a turkey hen parading her babies across our driveway. I've become a bird watcher, and always discover something new on my hikes. Enjoyed this post for those reasons.

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author avatar LOVERME
12th Jul 2014 (#)

very nice ...
coming from a moderator...
the STARS creator/donater...
along all roads...
if you walk
... you can live off the land as you walk ...
sugar cane... straw berries and what have you...
a handful is all that's needed me and
HOPEFULLY BY you 222222222

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author avatar Clarence Schreiber
18th Jul 2014 (#)

Life is something that we take for granted. We should slow down and smell the roses and look at the nature and animals that are great and breath taken.

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author avatar Souvik
18th Oct 2014 (#)

Excellent article Mark

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