Necessity is the mother of invention.

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Necessity is the mother of invention. Therefore, if we want to successful, so we trust on Allah's bless. I write beautiful story please read.

Allah help those who help themselves.

Once a crow was very thirsty crow. He flew over different fields and looked down to find some water. It was a hot, dry day and there had not been any rain for months together. So everything blow looked uninviting. As he was flying over the town, he saw a large jug with water on a rooftop.

the crow flew down to the large roof and reached the jug. He put his beak into it. But the water level in it was quite low, and his beak could not reach it. He pushed his neck down into the jug as far as he could, but could not reach the water, However, he decided to drink the water by helping himself.

The crow thought of method to drink the water. He flew away from the roof of the house. He looked for some small stones around the place. Soon he found some and brought them one by one from the ground to the roof. He want on dropping them into the jug. The water level in the jug rose up. Now the crow drank the water easily.

The story teaches us that Allah helps those who help themselves as you thought.

Taimur was always ready to fight. He fought many battles. Once he was very disappointed as he had failed to conquer the enemy's country. He had attacked it a number of times, but had failed in his efforts. Now he was sitting in a cave brooding over his defeats.

Taimur saw a spider in the cave. It was trying to climb up the wall of the cave. It fell down each time it went up. The spider went on making efforts. At last it succeeded. It reached its cobweb at the ninth attempt.

Taimur considered the unfailing efforts of spider. He thought that if he tried repeatedly to defeat his enemy, he might succeed. He remembered now how he bird had failed to catch it a number of times. But it had succeeded in its seventh attempt. Taimur took a lesson from the spider before him and the bird in his mind.

In his new hopeful condition Taimur came out of the cave. He reorganized his army. He attacked his enemy with renewed hope. This time he did better in fighting, but still could not succeed. He remembered the spider and the bird, and, again after a week, attacked the enemy with greater effort. This time he won the war marvellously well.

If you want to success so you would trust on Allah and His bless.


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author avatar Ali Raza
10th Aug 2013 (#)

i like it

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author avatar Fahad Amjad
10th Aug 2013 (#)


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author avatar Zhalya Abiyeva
1st Sep 2013 (#)

The formula of success: F+F+F=S
F Failure
S Success

Everything is possible for those who continue trying.
Thank you for interesting article!

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author avatar Fahad Amjad
1st Sep 2013 (#)

thanks zhalya I think you understand me.

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