Neighbourhood kids build mansion

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We're the kings of our castle! We're property tycoons! We're homely people.

It's not just a house. It's a home. ... naah, it's a castle. It's a wonderous room of love and joy! And not much room for all of us. No worries though.

Karlien's dad has had a stack of bricks delivered to their house. They plan on building something in their yard.

In the afternoon after the builders have left, us neighourhood kids including Petros, Harrison, Karlien, Karlien's brother, Elly, Roy, Roy's sister, and some more, spot some possibilities in the stack of bricks.

Petros is basically the main architect. We're going to build a playhouse!

So we all get to work. We start laying bricks. We're not building with cement; just the bricks.

It takes hours but we keep going. It gets dark. Karlien's mother calls her to come eat and go take a bath. Her brother should actually come too but we're still too excitedly playing.

Karlien's brother Nevil gets us a torch. Roy also goes to fetch a torch from their house.

And so we keep building. Here is where I learn about a lintel. Petros uses a plank as a lintel above the window.

Wow, it was very hard especially working in the dark, but after many hours, there stands our one room house, with a window opening and a door opening. We just don't have anything big enough to put on top as the roof.

We go get a very big sail and put that on top, securing it with bricks on the sail where it comes over the wall.

We play for a very small while in our amazing house. For me, it really is a wonderful thing!

Unfortuately it has gotten very late at night, and we all have to go home without much use of our newly built house.

Pity, really, because this was a whole gosh darn load of fun!

Next morning, all the older kids have gone to school. But a little later in the day I go to Karlien's yard to see if our house still stands.

NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! - The builders have used up our house by taking the bricks to go build whatever it was Karlien's father had ordered the bricks for.

Disappointing. We worked so hard but when it was finished there wasn't the time to really enjoy our house for a decent while. Now it's gone forever.

Everybody else doesn't really seem to care; they've moved right on asif they knew the house probably wouldn't still stand today. I seem to be the only one deeply affected by it.

Oh well. There will be other houses for us.


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author avatar Arielqiao
22nd Apr 2013 (#)

When I was a child, I also liked building things like you.

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author avatar Marzeus von Hemelen
22nd Apr 2013 (#)

Yup, building up is better than breaking down I always say

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