Nerds are more different than you think.

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This article is mainly about what nerds are thought of. But yet, while this article is written by the perspective of a nerd, it actually shows what stereotypes are false, and I may mention some that are actually true.


Nerds are people in society that are very smart, yet very bland. I have no idea where they get the bland part from, as I am a nerd myself. (This is going to be an article about the things people get wrong about us nerds.) To be honest, the main reason I love being a nerd is because it is way more fun than being a jock! And as it seems, all the people that focus on themselves being as popular and tough as they can instead of focusing on school work, they end up being on the streets. Many nerds have turned out to be successful, and for me being either a gangster or a very aggressive person, that is way out of my league! This article may change your definition of what would be defined as a "nerd." (Sorry about me not posting for a few days, had to take a little break from Wikinut. But hooray, I managed to get past the month without leaving the site!)

Are nerds boring?

No, they are definitely not boring. Most of them are usually gamers, so it is a lot easier to relate to them. Whilst having good conversations and joking at each other, I managed to make healthy relationships with the guys. I was never true friends with people that try to have all the attention and attempt to always be aggressive. Straying away from those type of people is a good idea, so you don't end up triggering them and getting ready for a beat down. Besides, this had happened once, when a jock, as I may call him, joined in on the group. We did pretend to be his friends, since I am one of those people who believe people can change. (Which, I haven't exactly seen much change in different people.) One friend that I made was a very awesome person. Every time they were around, I was a lot more confident, as I have not ever seen them angry, and they were a very nice person. (I will write an article on her later on.)

Are nerds always smart?

Not all nerds are smart, however you are more than likely to find a smart one if they are from an Asian culture. As I have learned, some Japanese children commit suicide over having bad grades! But yet, I known some people that weren't so bright. One I had known had nearly flunked out, and since I had left early from that school, I never really knew if he flunked or passed. But he has flunked in the past before, and he more than likely succeeded. So for the people that forces people with glasses to do their homework, you should do a bit of research on them before they start doing their homework. Just to let you know, just because they have spectacles doesn't make them smart. They are people, and they have had a problem with their eyes. Thats why I wear glasses myself!

Are they weak?

And lastly, not all of them are weak. Since calling a buffed up guy a nerd, doesn't exactly sound right. Our minds constantly have to put everything in groups, where a strong person will be hard to fit in one category, but will be easy to place in another. Even though the amount of tough "nerds" are rare, they are still out there. Sadly, I can't give any examples, since your average celebrity isn't called a nerd, unless they are an inventor of some sort. Sadly, media easily portrays nerds as with high intelligence, but they easily lack in everything that requires physical activity, which isn't true. For the people that have never met a nerd before, please do not trust the media. They make everybody seem bad, except the people that are regular people. Regular people, somehow has a better status.


Being a nerd doesn't make a difference at all. Of course, some are known as society outcast, but I do love to be out of the flow of normal society. (No, this doesn't mean that I am a hippie!) Therefore, I can do more things that you usually would be laughed at for, would easily be dignified. So in reality, it is no fun being someone else, and not be able to do things you actually find fun. Sure you may not like being yourself, but you can always change a little bit. Instead of being serious, you can loosen up a bit and be a more "lively" person.(See what I did there?) Or maybe going from having a depressing aura (Okay okay I'll stop) to being a cheerleader. So that means just because your dog just died doesn't mean you have to make everyone down, which is why you never talk about something sad at a fun time.


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author avatar peachpurple
13th Jul 2015 (#)

How do you know that you are a nerd in the first place?

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author avatar LivelyAurora
13th Jul 2015 (#)

One reason I know is because I fit in almost all of the basic attributes of a nerd. Many people classify stuff in a different way. As I mentioned, most jocks that I known had huge muscle, while some others believe they are football players, or plain bullies.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th Jul 2015 (#)

It takes all to make a world. I think every choice in life is a trade off - siva

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