Nessie came 150 miles from Loch Ness

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The mysterious Loch Ness Monster showed a bit a few days ago, but this time 150 miles from the place which is considered his home.

The Legend

Legend of the mysterious creature Nessie came to life again after photographer Eli Williams accidentally caught footage of legendary sazdanie.24-year-old British left your camera to shoot in automatic mode Lake Windermere. So she wanted to capture the colors as the seasons. A little later, however, the young woman remains extremely surprised, says British tabloid Mirror.
When a tent by the lake, I had no other intention than to make an interesting photo shoot. Once the staff looked after, I saw that I filmed a strange creature. At first I thought it was a swan or goose, as I watched the screen of your smartphone says surprisingly photographer.
Later, however, I realized it was not small animal. I do not know what it is and to accept any assumptions. I am glad that my camera captures it adds Ellie.
Although Nessie lives in Loch Ness in the on-Windermere 150 miles also registered cases seen creepy creature. Most recently in 2006 such a creature was seen by James Ebdon.
According to his description it is a very large animal that looks like a hybrid between a snake and a horse and a big hump. Does being in both lakes is not the same but still no one knows.
According to legend, Nessie is a creature that inhabits Loch Ness in Scotland. The first mention of the mythical monster dates back 565 years. Then the monk complained that was attacked by a huge creature.
The current interest in the Loch Ness monster appeared in 1933, when several people began to say that they have seen in a very short time.
There are several versions about the origin of Nessie. One hypothesis states that the creature may be plesiosaur-beast era of dinosaurs. Until now, the existence of Nessie is neither rejected nor proven, which is why scientists continue to guesswork

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