Never Fade Away: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

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In Cleveland, the Powers ask Buffy to time travel and to return to Sunny Dale in her younger body again, the oracles tell her that she needs to keep this form without ever returning to her future body and she'll need to because she has to stay a Vampire forever as in this time she is to kill Billy Palmer in order for his blood to make her turning PERMANENT because the Master will be returned from death through a demonic ritual and it'll take a fully Vamped Slayer to defeat him.


In Cleveland, the Powers ask Buffy to time travel and to return to Sunny Dale in her younger body again, the oracles tell her that she needs to keep this form without ever returning to her future body and she'll need to because she has to stay a Vampire forever as in this time she is to kill Billy Palmer in order for his blood to make her turning PERMANENT because the Master will be returned from death through a demonic ritual and it'll take a fully Vamped Slayer to defeat him. Meanwhile in L.A., the Powers change the events and stops the Dragon from killing Angel and Spike from being decapitated by sending them to Season 1 to help Buffy without letting them know 'who' they are helping and why they're in the past Sunny Dale. They are sent to Buffy's grave as time had been frozen by the oracles so that the past Scoobies will not get there to interfere and stop Buffy from draining the kid. Buffy has a soul so she'll naturally feel horrible about murdering someone, but she has to do this and her Demon face will always look like this:


Angel, Spike, and their crew died in L.A. taking the Circle of Black Thorns down while Buffy is in Cleveland talking to the PTB where she is to drain Billy and remain stuck in her younger body and as a Vampire forever with no way to turn her back to her older self and no way to have humanity because the Master in her time line will be resurrected by a Vampire chant from a group of Demon worshippers. She is to stop them and in order to do this, she must become a creature of the night. She has to have the strengths of both a Vampire and Slayer. Well, the PTB will shock Angel, Spike, Wesley, Lorne, and Harmony by sending them as well without telling them or letting them in on who will also be there. Spike will be surprised to see Buffy in game face. The ptb will cast a spell over the past Scooby gang, causing them to forget who they are for the moment until Buffy stops Lucky Nineteen and ends Billy's life. Spike refuses to let Buffy kill, but she finishes the boy off and they are sent to Buffy's home in Cleveland. There the last of the Fang Gang will remain with her instead of going back to L.A. She is to fight the Master while asking Wesley to become her new Watcher. Her and Giles grew apart after Sunnydale closed because he didn't like her decision making.
Anyways, they will fight the Master, but he will pull Buffy's demon to him and then, using a crystal to lose her soul. They will have to deal with an evil Buffy while Angel contacts Willow to get the curse ready.
Buffy killed a lot of people and will feel like a burden, but Spike is there for her and at her beck and call.
Illyria dies and so will Gunn along with Wesley. But Lorne and Harmony are alive and will run Angel Investigations while Angel and Spike stay with Buffy behind in Cleveland. They reunite the Scooby Gang. Since they both love her, they will share her like they will both be her lovers.

Chapter 1

Angel, Spike and the Scooby Gang lie dead after the bloodshed taking down the Circle of Black Thorns, while Buffy found herself in Cleveland talking with the Powers That Be (PTB).
"You summoned, Master?" Buffy said sarcastically when she found herself with the Master.
"Yes, Buffy, I have a job for you." the Master demanded of her.
"Excuse me, but I'm a slayer. What could I possibly do for you?"
"I need you to go back in time to stop Billy and drain him of his blood."
"What, you expect me to kill a human being?"
"If you don't you will turn into a vampire demon forever with no way to get back to yourself."
While Buffy was talking to TPB, Angel and Spike woke up and before they knew it was transported back in time to where Buffy was.
"Hey, Spike, where are we?" Angel asked still dazed from being knocked out from the fight in present day Sunnydale.
"I think we're in the past?" Spike replied but unsure of even that.
"This looks like Sunnydale High . . . before the fire?" Angel replied.
"Yeah, we definitely are back in the past." Spike agreed.
"I wonder why we are here?" Angel wondered.
"I don't know but I think we're dead?" Spike said.
"Excuse me, Spike, but technically we are." Angel said, baring his fangs to remind him they were 200-year-old vampires.

Suddenly someone in the school yard caught Spike's eye as he ran over to see who it was, leading a confused Angel to follow behind.
"Hey, miss. . ." Spike yelled out when he got to the lady only to discover it was Buffy passed out.
"OMG! It's Buffy!" Spike said, trying to rouse her awake. "Buffy! Buffy!"
Buffy woke up still groggy and dazed a bit suddenly remembering her talk with TPB and her mission.
"Spike. Angel. What are you doing here?" Buffy asked them confused. "I thought you were dead?"
"Hey, silly, you forget, you can't kill a vampire." Angel said. "We're already dead."
"How did you get here?"
"I don't know?" Angel replied.
"Maybe you're sent here to help me?"
"Help you?" Spike asked.
"I need to find a Billy and drain him of his blood." Buffy informed them. "Or I turn into a vampire demon."

Suddenly Buffy bared her fangs to a surprised Spike and Angel.
"I hate to tell you this Buff, but it looks like you are . . . one of us?"
"Huh?" Buffy questioned. "Damn them. They lied to me?!"

Chapter 2

Buffy, still in denial, suddenly felt a growing hunger for the taste of blood, and became sick at the thought of it.
“Hey, you OK?” Angel asked her.
“Oh, I just have this sudden craving for blood.” Buffy told him.
“Here.” Angel said, holding out his hand.
“Huh?” Buffy asked, bewildered.
“I don’t want you to have to eat a human being.” Angel explained, knowing Buffy’s nature. But little did Angel know, that Buffy would grow to love her new soulless self.
As Buffy sucked from Angel’s arm, the taste of his blood was surprisingly sweet to her. After she fed, Buffy wanted more, but hid the feeling from Angel as Angel covered up the marks Buffy left.
“C’mon.” Angel told her. “We need to find the rest of the gang.”
“You do that.” Buffy told him. “I need to find Billy and kill him and drain his blood.” Buffy couldn’t wait to find Billy. The thought of draining his blood suddenly appealed to her. . .

While Buffy hunted Billy with Spike, Angel went on his own to warn the Scoobies of Buffy.
“Hey, Xander.”
“Angel, did you find Buffy.”
“Yes, but she’s not herself.” Angel said, trying to warn them about Buffy.
“What do you mean?” Willow asked worried.
“She’s one. . .” Angel started to say, but was interrupted.
On the roof of Sunnydale High, stood Billy, about to kill himself by jumping from the roof. As Billy was about to jump, Buffy grabbed him from behind and sunk her fangs into his neck, draining him of his blood, while Xander and the rest of the Scoobies watched in utter horror.
After Buffy finished draining Billy of his blood, she licked her lips and tossed Billy’s lifeless body aside.
“I am the new Buffy!” Buffy yelled out to her astonished friends.

Chapter 3

Buffy was enjoying her new soulless self, as well as Spike, but Angel was sick at the thought of Buffy’s new nature.
Angel headed over to Giles’ store to talk with the Scoobies, but he was surprised to find the store closed and the Scoobies and Giles lying lifeless inside.
Angel busted the door down to get to Giles and the Scooby gang. Giles and Xander came to rather immediately, but Willow and Anya were still unconscious, as Xander struggled to revive Anya.
“C’mon, Anya, don’t die on me.” Xander pleaded with an unconscious Anya, as Angel roused Willow from her unconscious slumber.
But Xander didn’t have any luck reviving Anya as he cried on her shoulder, “Anya, why did you have to die?”
Willow laid a hand on Xander’s shoulder, as did Tara, in comfort.
“Guys, I need your help!” Angel pleaded with them.
“Yeah, what is so damn important!” Xander berated Angel. “Can’t you see I’m grieving!”
“I’m sorry, but we need to bring Buffy back!” Angel informed them.
“Bring Buffy back?” Willow asked with confusion.
“Buffy is a vampire.” Angel said.
“What?” Willow said. “No way!”
“I’m afraid so.” Angel told them.
“What can we do?” willow asked, while Xander listened, still cradling Anya’s body in his arms.
“Willow, I was hoping you and Tara could come up with a spell that would break the curse on Buffy.”
“A spell?” Willow asked, remembering the last curse she cast.
“Yes. We need to help Buffy.”
“Okay. I’ll try.” Willow agreed.
“Thank you.” Angel said, as he left them to discuss how Willow was going to come up with a curse.
Meanwhile, Buffy was meeting with the PTB to inform them that she had indeed killed Billy and drained him of his blood.
“Master, I have done what you asked.” Buffy said. “So why am I still a vampire?”
“Because you still have more work to do.” The Master told Buffy.
“And what would that be?” Buffy asked him.
“To kill Angelus.”
“Kill Angelus?” Buffy asked. Even in her vamp form, she detested the thought of killing Angel.
“Yes. Kill Angelus and you shall return to your original body.”
“Yes, Master. I am on it.” Buffy said.
As Buffy left the Master’s lair, the Master laughed slyly at how masterly he connived Buffy into agreeing to kill his nemesis, Angelus. It was going to be great when Angelus was dead.

Chapter 4

Buffy skulked out Sunnydale in her pursuit of Angel.
“I must kill Angelus! I must kill Angelus!” Buffy said in her sing-song voice, continuing to search for Angelus to kill him per orders from the Master.
While Buffy was looking for Angelus, Drusilla was looking for Buffy to exact her own brand of revenge for turning Spike against her.
While she was looking for Buffy, Spike spotted Dru and tried to reason with her and prove his love for her.
“Dru, come back!” Spike pleaded.
“Go back to Buffy!” Dru ranted. “If she’s what you want!”
“Babe, it’s you I want.”
“Just go away!” Dru continued to vent.
Unable to convince Dru of his love for her, Spike walked away and was met by Buffy, who was still looking for Angel.
“Buffy!” Spike said.
“Spikey?” Buffy said seductively in her sing-song voice. She thought she could draw Angel out by seducing Spike, but unbeknownst to her, Dru was following Spike as Dru watched Buffy’s seduction of Spike.
“Oh, Spikey, come to me!” Buffy said seductively as Spike fell for the scheme and kissed Buffy.
As Buffy kissed Spike, hoping to draw Angel out so she could kill him, Dru had her own plan worked out.
Buffy’s plan worked, as Angel happened along shocked to discover a lifeless Buffy lying on the ground.

Chapter 5

The Scooby gang found themselves in another realm and in their younger bodies, yet didn’t know who each other was.
They looked a each other, clueless they knew each other.
“Where am I?” Cordy asked, looking at the red-haired girl lying next to her.
“I don’t know, but I don’t know who I am.” Willow replied.
“Well, I know who I am!” Cordy exclaimed proudly.
“Yeah. Who are you?” Xander asked the brunette, whom for some reason, thought she was hot.
“A princess!”
“You? A princess?” Willow laughed.
“We have a problem?” Xander told the two girls who were arguing.
“What’s that?” Willow and Cordy said in unison.
“Who the hell are we and how did we get here?” Xander asked.
TPB watched the Scooby gang’s shenanigans. They couldn’t wait to spring their big surprise on Sunnydale.
Elsewhere, Angel, who happened along to find a passed-out Buffy lying on the ground. He picked her up and took her to Giles’ store. Dru popped out from behind a tree watching Angel.
Then Spike happened along…..
“Dru, what are you doing?”
“It’s Buffy! She’s collapsed! And Angel has taken her to Giles’ store to revive her!” Dru told Spike, feigning shock.
“C’mon!” Spike said as he grabbed her hand and ran to Giles’ store to see if he could help Angel save Buffy.
But when Spike and Dru got to Giles’ store, Angel took a swing at Spike.
“What’s that for?” Spike asked him as he rubbed his jaw where Angel punched him.
“That’s for killing Buffy!”
“Buffy’s dead!” Spike said, surprised.
Angel, Buffy and Dru held a silent vigil over Buffy’s lifeless body. Dru watched out of the corner of her eye, the Scooby gang come into Giles’ store, as they were somehow summoned to the store, but had no clue why.

Chapter 6

As The Scoobies and Angel Giles and Spike hid Buffy’s body and waited for the spell that would bring back Buffy. They had a plan to make The Master think Buffy was dead so they could get Buffy back to her old self.
But when Willow went to check on the “sleeping Buffy,” she reported back that Buffy was missing. The friends got into an argument and accused each other of going behind each other backs.
But the real culprit was laughing slyly as The Master got one over on the Angel, Spike and the Scoobies….
“Nobody will destroy my plan…” The Master said to a comatose Buffy, as he waited for his “cure” to bring Buffy back and ruin the effects of the drug that Angel and his friends gave Buffy.
Meanwhile, Angel, Spike, Giles and the Scoobies all made up and forgave each other as Angel realized they had been one-upped. They worked together to find Buffy and bring her back.
Back at The Master’s lair, Buffy was awake and ready to do The Master’s bidding as she was still vampire.
As The Master sent Buffy out to destroy Sunnydale, her friends continued to look for Buffy unaware of the destruction that was about to befall them.

Chapter 7

After failed attempts to find Buffy, Angel, Spike, Giles and the Scoobies all met back at Giles’ store to hide out from all that was happening in Sunnydale.
Sunnydale was literally self-destructing at the hands of Buffy, thanks to The Master. It was up to Angel and the rest of the gang to stop Buffy and bring her back.
But how………..
With Buffy now on the side of evil, she was a force to be reckoned with. Her powers, meant for good, were now being used for evil.
If they didn’t think of something fast, Sunnydale was going to crumble…there would be nothing left of their city.
It was like they were fighting Armageddon….
As they fought Buffy and The Master’s minions, Buffy diminished their small army in no time. The Master was ecstatic. Sunnydale was gone! Sunnydale had been reduced to rubble at the hands of Buffy Summers, thanks to The Master!

Chapter 8

Back at The Master’s lair, a comatose Buffy lie in her coffin lifeless until The Master was ready to resurrect her to do his bidding.
At what used to be Giles’ store, Angel and the gang met to discuss how to rebuild Sunnydale…and get Buffy back.
Buffy was having too much fun being a vampire. She couldn’t let ‘her friends’ bring her back. Being a vampire was better than being a slayer.
While Buffy was on the hunt for human blood, Willow spotted her drinking from some poor victim who didn’t know what hit them.
Keeping an eye on Buffy, Willow texted Angel and the others to let them know she had located Buffy. Angel texted back that they were on their way and to keep watch.
But Willow didn’t know what hit her when Buffy saw her and knocked her out cold before she slithered off to find more food….
By the time Angel and the others found their way to Willow, Buffy was long gone……….

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