Never Fight with God: He knows what He is doing !

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Never Fight with God: He knows what He is doing ! it tells you whatever we faced in life God have a purpose.maybe we couldn't understand the purpose behind our pain.Our God is in control

Never Fight with God: He knows what He is doing !

We all have needs and sometimes some needs can be met only through prayer. And yes..we pray hard for our needs.But at times we may lose our Faith while waiting on God to answer our prayer. But always remember one thing..that is.. " God Knows Everything ". I would like to share something that has happened in my life.

After my marriage, some months later I conceived. My husband would place his hands over my stomach and pray for the baby's protection. After 5 and a half months later I had a bad dream. And as I woke up suddenly I lost the fluid. My husband and my family took me to the hospital.Scan reports said the uterus is closed but in actual it was open. I was in a sad condition. My husband had to carry me to the bathroom as I was in complete bed rest. Each day the fluid was going. At night my parents , brother and sister would come to my room. We would pray together for hours.I could feel my babies movement and heartbeat. In my Spirit I knew the devil is trying to steal and destroy my baby. After some days the cord came out But the doctors after checking me said they could not see anything
properly. I was again sent for another lab test for scanning. I was sad . I struggled a lot during those days.
That time my brother gave me a song to listen. It says' "
Do not Worry.. I am with you.. I know your Pain". I knew God was talking to me through that song. The scan report came . It said the fluid is lost. But my baby is healthy. I saw his movement through the screen. After one day the cord came out fully. I knew that something is going to happen to me. I could not walk on my own. My husband and brother carried me to the hospital in a chair. I was admitted in the hospital. And the doctors were waiting for the baby's death. My husband told me.. " I am not
bothered about the baby but I want you back". Even my family said the same. But inside my heart and mind I was struggling and fighting with God. I fought and prayed within me saying. " Lord I want my baby hale and hearty". I constantly heard a voice which said' " You will die" . I was sad for my husband. I love him so much. I thought about his life without me. How will he live after I was gone. It is so hard for me to even think and remember those days. I held him so tight and close as I was so sad to him alone.By afternoon I could feel that the baby's heartbeat has stopped. My mom and husband asked the doctor to do something. But they were helpless and told to wait till I
deliver the baby. That same night my mom saw in her dream that my health will go from bad to worse and told about this to my husband. That moment itself they both started praying for me. They took me to the labour room. I wanted my husband to be near me. But that was not possible. I was alone in the labour room. During that time I was fighting with the devil. I was filled with the Holy Spirit and stood against yhe devil in my Spirit fighting against him and declaring that.. " devil I will not die.. But I Will Live." I prayed to the Lord saying , "Lord I am giving back my baby to You! I am sad..I am extremely pained. But I will not say anything against You Lord. Let Your will be done" Suddenly I delivered the baby and the emergency medication was started.

I saw my baby beside me. He was just like his father. I suffered much at that moment. I felt as if everything has come to an end. The placenta did not come out properly.So they prepared me for an emergency operation. That time a nun came to me. She helped me and was trying to make me comfortable. Still after years I am not able to even think of the pain I had to undergo. And because of the prayers offered to God for me by my loved ones.. God saved me and brought me back to life. My husband said He will take care of me. And so he stayed with me keeping
apart all his important engagements and activities. He took care of me like a kid. I cannot express the way he had treated and cared for me. I am thankful to God for each blessed person in my life. I realized how much blessed I am.
After my baby died I was in great depression. When I
remember his sweet face annd the moments..its hard for me to accept that he is not with me anymore. My husband and my brother helped me a lot to overcome the grief that I had in my mind.I did not complain to God about my baby. I believe God
was taking care of me. I had prayed a lot for my baby. God did not answer my prayers. But He has surely delivered me from the clutches of death. I know God loves me. I know that He is able to give me babies anytime. But at that time God did not answer my prayer as He had a purpose behind it. He had a plan for me.

Friends if God does not give you what you pray for.. do not fight with God. Ever. Never say," God does not care for me." He knows everything. He is Your Father. Your Creator.Sometimes you will not get what you ask for right at that moment. But believe that He loves you. If Had taken away from you something. Be sure that He will return it back to you one day. As He did with Job, by blessing his later days with abundance.Sometimes we lack understanding His ways . But remember He knows what He is doing. He is faithful. Experiance Him!.


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