Never Going To Stop Loving You

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A poem of misguided love between two people who believed that they were soulmates, a journey of discovery

Nothing Can Compare

Nothing can compare to being with loved ones
The memories that are made you cherish
You hold those memories closest to your heart
Even when you drift apart.

Nothing can compare to the laughs you share
No matter what has happened you know you're treasured
Someone always tries to make your day
Making sure, everything is going okay.

Nothing can compare to a lovers touch
You feel so many sensations in your body
Everything is perfect for at least a while
And you can't stop that knowing smile.

Nothing can compare to the evening strolls
The way in which the city captures the beauty
That shy first kiss
That fills you with bliss.

Nothing compares to that slow dance
The way that he takes you by the hand
And quietly asks for this dance
And you want to take the chance.

Nothing compares to the love that blooms
In a matter of minutes you are soul-mates
Nothing stops the hope in your chest
That you know whats for the best.

Nothing compares to being with the one
You feel such a tenderness in your soul
That you wish it never has to end
But soon you discover it was all pretend.

Nothing hurts more than the way you figure it out
At first it's where the calls end
Then the late nights away
Then they say they need to go their own way.


Heartbreak, Hope

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author avatar Retired
21st Dec 2011 (#)

Beyond compare, my love for you,
I am here to see you through.
To be your guardian and your guide,
When you do in your playhouse hide.

To feel the love flowing through my veins,
The sweet anthems, harmonious strains.
To gently flow and feed with love,
The little one from up Above.

Pulsate to the rhythm, the anthem of life,
To feel the beauty through all strife.
Whiff of fresh air, holding you close,
With music that pulsates and soars.

Feeling the dream, dancing to beat,
Closing my eyes to feel the treat.
To take a step, dance the dance,
With no backward, step back glance.

Gently wafting through the curtain ajar,
The beautiful life, unblemished star.
To be the anthem that shines the light,
Never letting any out of great sight.

Beyond compare you are dear one,
My lofty love, my healer, my son.
The anthem of life behold all see,
The sweet angel, my anthem of purity.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) 21st December 2011

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author avatar ittech
21st Dec 2011 (#)

interesting post

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author avatar Jules Castillo
21st Dec 2011 (#)

nothing can compare to the true love that wikinut poets write about...thanks for being one ms natasha

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