Never Surrender (Inspirational Poems for the Day)

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A set of inspirational poems to brighten your day.
Check out the song Never surrender!

For the Wounded Heart

If the love you give is
not appreciated at all
don't wallow in self-
pity or lose your self-
esteem, love yourself
and keep your faith
soon you will find a
mystical power that
can liberate you from
the bonds of despair.

© shasel, 1 Sep 1997 | 12 Mar 2014

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Love Poetry

May the Questions be Answered

When you're down with sufferings
why do you easily have to say
'I never asked to be born'.

Is it proper to blame fate
when adversity drags on
while you refuse to change
your ways, instead
you keep on regretting
your existence all along.

Weren't you in the beginning
a drop of sperm who triumphed
in the first contest?

Hence, don't you realise
you were born to succeed
besides to glorify God.

If you believe in yourself
and never give up the good fight
perhaps you will comprehend
the purpose of life.

© shasel, 24 Sep 1994 | 12 Mar 2014

Teens' Crossroads, Jun-Oct 1995, p20
Asahan 93/95, p103
Shasel's Perspective
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When your dreams
are disrupted
and your voice
is blocked,
be patient.

As long as
whatever is good
for you is good
for your kin,

For that which is ugly
but true
has a higher value
than that which is pretty
but false.

© shasel, 29 Aug 1997 | 12 Mar 2014

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My Creed

Learn all languages
love all of them
learn all religions
choose one of them
above all, relax
and enjoy the show
for life's like a rainbow
it's for us to enjoy
before it fades away.

© shasel, 21 Aug 1997 | 12 Mar 2014

Shasel’s Perspective
Unsolved Mysteries

Be Happy, Don’t Worry

People say, some thoughts
are better left unspoken
while some feelings
are better left

Be happy, the air we
breathe although
often polluted
can still be
taken free.

Others have to defend or fight
for a bit of democracy, why
then do we tend to fret
when our future here
looks quite bright?

Don't worry, when the sun
is hidden in the blackest
night, the stars will still
burn bright to guide
us all back to Eden.

© shasel, 18 Feb 2000 | 12 Mar 2014

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Thank You

Thank you for appreciating these poems.
For more inspiration, check out Triumph,
a Canadian rock group which has played
a great role in helping me stay positive in
life with their upbeat lyrics and energetic
songs. I especially recommend, Hold On,
Fight the Good Fight, Never Surrender and
Follow Your Heart.

If you're also a fan of Triumph, do leave a
note below and share with us your favourite
songs. If you've not heard of them before,
do let me know what you think of them after
watching this video. Cheers and rock on!

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author avatar Retired
13th Apr 2011 (#)

All are very beautiful & meaningful :-)

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author avatar Tranquilpen
14th Apr 2011 (#)

What amazing insight you show, thank you

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author avatar Denise O
14th Apr 2011 (#)

I saw the title and I just had to stop in. Darn good writing. I love the pictures also. I am now uplifted my friend. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar shasel
22nd Apr 2011 (#)

Thanks Lady Scorp,
Tranquilpen & Denise
for appreciating. :-)

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
28th Oct 2011 (#)

Amazing poems and the graphic presentations!

Well done shasel!

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author avatar shasel
30th Oct 2011 (#)

Thank you, Rathna :)
Have a nice day.

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author avatar LOVERME
30th Apr 2013 (#)


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author avatar shasel
11th Mar 2014 (#)

Thank you, Loverme.

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