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Well, now that Petros is no longer on this vacation with us, I should finally have rest for my soul and enjoy this vacation, right?

Wrong. Seems no matter what I do or where I go, there's always someone to put me through a wringer.

Now it's Elmarie's children, Stingley Junior and Tinley.

Kids suck

Well actually Tinley and I seem to get along better, but Stingley Junior has psychological issues it seems. Unlike Tinley who just wants to play and be picked up by the arms and swung around through the air, Stingley wants to storm you and kick you and scratch you and bite you and it doesn't stop there.

Today, first Stingley Jnr. and I are playing on the stoep. I swing him around by his arms, and he loves that.

Later we are joined by Tinley, who never wants to be left out. He wants to be swung through the air by his arms too.

Then it's Stingley Jnr.'s turn again, then the other one again, then the first one again, then the other one. They really tire me out.

Well, the more we play around, the rougher the children get. When I stop swinging them and I sit down to rest with Mother on the stoep, Stingley Jnr. now wants to run up to me and kick me in the leg. He also bites my wrist. Then he screams "Attack!" and comes to kick me some more.

Though it's not in Tinley's nature to be so violent, of course he just models Stingley Jnr's behavior and gets rough too, seeing how much they can hurt me.

It's not long before they're no fun anymore.

Stingley, always pushing it, comes to stand with me on the stoep. And then he spits a mouthful of water at me that he drank and kept in his mouth from the new washbasin Waldorf installed on the stoep. I must say, I'm not impressed being spat water and spit on by some little sh** who can't behave.

Then of course he wants to do it again. But now I know he does that, I step out of the way and he misses me with his waterspit.

Of course more kicking and fighting from his side, and the ever screaming and shouting and noise from him and his brother, and I've just about had my fill of these kids. Kids suck.

I go to my room. Of course they come bother me there too, but fortunately I had the sense to lock the door so they give up and make more noise and fight more among themselves all around the house.

Mother later comes to call me for supper.

"Did you decide to flee?", she asks me, quite fed-up herself.


"Yes, these kids really just get too much!", she complains too. Mother has complained many times in the past about how draining these two are.

At least we can sympathize with each other. Not that it helps much. The rude, draining bastards are still here.

Sadistic children

Later tonight when I try to wash the dishes and am handling glasses and knives, these kids come kick me in the legs some more and hit me in the stomache. Tinley thinks he's supposed to do that, and kicks me. I kick him in his shin too. He looks at me like I did something really bad, and he moans and cries.

It's a shame it had to be him, because it's really Stingley who's modeled this behavior to him of being a pain in the ass. It should be Stingley who got some of his own medicine back. But whatever; it felt good to hurt back something.

"You hurt me, I hurt you", I tell him. I'm tired of these burdensome kids.

Fortunately, Elmarie with her very soft ways makes them stop by saying "Hey, not now please, Uncle Justin doesn't feel like playing now. We're too tired."

She never smacks her kids. I don't condone violence and wish I could handle kids better, but it usually ends up with me being angered and angered and angered by them, until I just reach a breaking point where I want to grab them by the hair and throw them through the window.

Oh great, I just never had the peaceful, relaxing, enjoyable vacation I wanted. Always somebody to ruin it for me. Why is life filled with so many annoyances?

Caged up with little demons

Next day we get up very, very early to go back to Tower Hills. Now, Elmarie and her two boys are going to go all the 15 hours back with us in the car. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh goody. And with goody, I mean **** that!!

Aside from stinking up the car like nobody's business, and moaning and fighting and complaining within the first 3 minutes of us driving away from Canyon Manoir, the kids aren't too bad for most of it. Aside from digging in their noses and smearing it off on everything. And the little one needs to stop a few times because his stomache is too lively.

Stingley Jnr. and I watch DVD's on my small portable DVD player. Later on I want to stop because I'm tired, but he doesn't want to stop. He loves to change the DVD's and work the little player. He seems addicted to it now, and can't wait for one DVD to finish so he can perform the ritual of putting in the next one.

Bad behaviour gets them what they want

When we stop in Voortrekkerdorp, the last city before we get home, I'm afraid there it starts. We stopped at Kentucky Friend Chicken to eat, but there being too many people, we get back in the car. For some reason, Stingley then decides he must claw my neck with his nails and scratch me so bad I feel sick from it. Why in blazes is he doing that? He's a psychopath who always wants to hurt everyone.

We stop at Steers instead, which is coupled with a Fishaways. Elmarie orders herself and her demons from the fish place, while the rest of us get burgers from Steers.

When Stingley Jnr. sees our burgers, he goes:

"Momma, I want a burger too!"

"I ordered us something from the fish place", she replies.

"I want a burger!", he insists.

Well, not sure I need to recall it from here. The more Elmarie says that their food from the fish place is coming any moment, the more he of course wants to give her grief and demand that she gets him a burger.

Crying and a public scene occurs. And, wouldn't you believe it, Elmarie who got a degree in psychology many years ago, actually considers giving in and buying him a burger. Good hell!!!!!!!!! No wonder these kids like to cry and moan and stamp their feet when they want something. They know they may actually get it.

Well I don't know if she did get him something or not, because I just completely lost interest in the subject of these irritating children. They're far too noisy and always completely take over any and all conversations anybody else may be having.

More torture to look forward to

After 15 hours, we're finally home. Waldorf gets an upsetting message on his phone. He has a cellphone contract, and his spending limit has been exceeded. This when he wasn't even here? Ohhhhh snap. I guess maybe that fiancé of his decided she was going to get revenge on him. Or perhaps some other criminals have made him their victim. What in blazes is going on here? He'll have to sort it out and quick because now it's not only his bank accounts that are empty, his cellphone account limit has been exceeded too.

Majesty is very, very happy to see me. I love him!

Next morning, I go to see what everyone is up to in the West Wing. Immediately there, Stingley runs up to me and kicks me on the thigh. Well I think I've had about enough of their company now.

But Mother calls me back and says she wants me to go with her to take Elmarie and her children to the airport, otherwise Mother must drive back all alone.

I say I will, but then later wish I hadn't. I really don't want to drive another two hours in a car with these tiring, ever-noisy children.

Isn't there anybody in my world I can get along with?

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