New Beginnings...Old Endings and So It Goes

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Walking through our lives can oft be difficult...people have little or no consideration for others...loud voices, banging, mobiles and cells yakety yak..but we have to keep on keeping on letting go of what does not work...

Who Really Knows

You think I am strange
I know it so

Better or worse than you
I do not know

My mission this lifetime to be
One bringing forth the loving of He
Who sustains us all

Not always easy
Oftimes so hard
Not like I do
Noise and people milling around
Voices shrill
Conversations loud

Love You I Do

Difficult it be for me
With them to be

Prefer I do to take a path
A journey by myself sublime
Realizing I am divine

No matter what you say or write
Comment or shout

Think you that is the way to be
Making yourself known to all around

Not really is this so
For no-one cares at all you see

Love you I do but that part that is within
The outer personality
So hard to deal with
Especially for me

Going Your Merry Way

Ear plugs I wear
Not voices loud and shrill to hear

Conversations so abject in form
Of interest not they be

Yet carry on they do
Yackety yack
Listen to yourself and see
If you can agree with me

And if you dont
Of no import that be
Just go your merry way

No Need

One day you too will find
That all you say is just
The sound of words you choose to use

No meaning at all have they

Yet deep within the Light does shine
Illuminating you
Making all you say think and do
Ways of demonstrating you


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
1st Jan 2013 (#)

thank you and I up late tonight.....

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author avatar Retired
1st Jan 2013 (#)

Thank for share Very intereresting and beautifull...

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author avatar DuitByJames
1st Jan 2013 (#)

Not so strange, but very unique and perfect in creation. Definitely not alone, maybe very distracted, yet growing more aware. Your light shines for a reason have a great season.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
1st Jan 2013 (#)

ooh like that reason for a great season...happy New Year James and thank you...

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
2nd Jan 2013 (#)

What we see make us believe is the real world but what is within is more sublime and meaningful. Yes, we are carried away more by outward appearances, the sight and the sound while the inner beauty is realized by only few. Great pictures to add to your lovely verse as usual, Carolina, thanks - siva

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
2nd Jan 2013 (#)

thank you Siva...your words as usual so insightful...

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