Next Victim

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This short story is about a man on his way to visit his parents when he is attacked by a werewolf.

Next Victim

After the end of a beautiful summer George Trott was on his way to visit his parents who lived 450 miles from Georges home. Moving away from his parents house was something deep down inside of George that he didn't want to do. But George was working at a good job that had a good future for George.Sometimes George would spend hours talking on the phone to his parents. It's been almost a year since his last visit to his parents house.The trip took countless hours of driving but George didn't mind driving specially in his new mustang. He really wanted to enjoy the drive to his parents house. As George took the same roads he took before there was a detour in the road traffic had to take other roads to get where they wanted to go as route 113 was closed to all traffic.Well he rerouted his trip following the detour signs.As hours went by George was out on a country road he never traveled before it seemed deserted except for George there was no other cars on the road as he got further down the road he came to a gas station but it was closed down out of business the signs said. As he didn't worry as he had more then enough gas to get to his parents house.George traveled 45 more miles when he came to a stop a tree fell landing across the road blocking traffic George was stuck for now. As he looked at the size of the tree George thought he might be able to pull one side of the tree with his car so he could get by and get back on his way to his parents house.As he got a rope out of the trunk of his car ,and tied it to one end of the tree.George heard something in the woods as it got closer he could hear the branches breaking on the ground.

George thought it might be some kind of animal he kept about his business as he ignored the noise.Soon George could hear something breathing heavy in the woods as George thought the safest place for him to be right now was inside his car. As George opened the door to his car a loud noise as something landed on the roof of the car . George looked up at it but couldn't be-leave what he saw a werewolf a very terrified George got in his car fast locked the doors started the car up ,and put it in reverse to get out of there as he started to go George couldn't go he thought whats wrong now the rope was still tied to the tree ,and the other end to Georges car. What should i do ran thru Georges mind as he thought he would try to pull the tree breaking the rope ,and getting free ,and out of here.As George tried ,and tried the rope wouldn't break.The were wolf was coming to the car it ripped the passenger side door off of the car. As George jumped out of the drivers side the werewolf picked up the side of the car flipping it over on it's roof.George knew his only chance was to hide in the woods.He ran in the woods George could feel his heart beating in him he ran ,and hid behind some large rocks as George didn't move or not make any noise the werewolf George thought was gone he waited till he was sure there was no noise. An hour later George popped his head up over the top of the rocks ,and looked around he didn't see anything it was gone it seemed.As George slowly ,and quietly walked towards the road he was sweating with fear for what just happened to him. As George made it back to the road he went to his car to get his cellphone as George crawled into the car he found his cellphone ,and crawled out of the car as George stood up ,and looked at the full moon he turned around only to find the werewolf right behind him it took his powerful hand ,and hit George in the head crushing the side of his head . With parts of Georges brain all over the road George was dead. The werewolf ripped George apart leaving parts of him scattered in the road. The werewolf went back into the woods to wait for it's next victim.


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Very good article and well written

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