Nicole Walker's New Life (A Days of Our Lives Fanfiction)

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A/N: What if Days of Our Lives Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) gets a job in L.A. as an investigative reporter where she is led to Mexico City, Mexico and finds Theresa Donovan (Jen Lilley) and Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin)?


Since leaving Salem, Nicole found herself in L.A. in a new job as an investigative reporter at a newspaper in San Diego, California. That’s where she gets the news of Theresa Donovan and Chloe Lane’s trouble in Mexico City. Leaving Holly with her sister, Nicole heads to Mexico City to bust El Fideo and save Theresa Chloe from their imprisonment. Will Nicole save her friends, or end up one of El Fideo’s girls?


Nicole Walker – Arianne Zucker
Chloe Lane – Nadia Bjorn
Theresa Donovan – Jen Lilley
Brady Black – Eric Martsolf
Eve Donovan – Kassie DePaiva
Taylor Walker – Tamara Braun
Brandon Walker – Matt Cedeno
Miguel Moreno – Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
Mateo “El Fideo” –

Chapter 1

Nicole looked at her sleeping daughter in the back seat of her car. She was unhappy without Eric. How she longed to be with him. But Brady forced her hand out of jealousy when she revealed to Brady that Eric was her true love, by breaking Eric’s heart and leaving him like she did him.
Reminded of the heartbreak on Eric’s face has haunted Nicole since she and Holly left Salem. She thought she was finally getting her happily-ever-after and then Brady forced her to leave Salem.
Now, after 2 months, things were finally looking up when she landed a job with a Hollywood newspaper in L.A. as an investigative reporter. Her first assignment was to go to Mexico City, Mexico to interview Mexican drug lord, El Fideo.
“Taylor, I need a favor?” Nicole desperately left a text on Taylor’s cell. Nicole had recently reconnected with her sister since leaving Salem.
“Nic? What is your fave?” Taylor text back as soon as she saw Nicole’s text.
Nicole immediately pushed Taylor’s button to send the call to her sister.
“Taylor, I need you to watch Holly?”
“Sure, Nic, love to watch my sweet little niece. But why do you need to leave her with me?”
“I just got a job as an investigative reporter and they want me to go to Mexico City to interview some drug lord.”
“El Fideo? You’re going to interview El Fideo?”
“Yes. How did you know about him?”
“Everybody knows about El Fideo! He’s the equivalent of The Godfather in the movie.”
“Wow! Didn’t know this would be a pressing job? Will you still watch Holly while I’m gone?”
“I’d love to, Nic. But be careful. Holly already lost her dad! I don’t want her losing her mother too.”
After Nicole dropped Holly and her things off at Taylor’s and kissed her good-bye, a teary-eyed Nicole hopped in her car and headed for Mexico City.

Chapter 2

While Taylor enjoyed time with her niece, Nicole arrived in Mexico City and checked into a hotel. After getting dinner at a local taco restaurant, Nicole headed back to her room to get a restful night’s sleep before meeting with El Fideo. As she was headed back to the hotel, she thought she saw Chloe Lane, but quickly brushed the idea off when the lady disappeared as fast as Nicole saw her.
At the compound where Chloe and Theresa were being held as sex slaves in El Fideo’s compound, they worked (and prayed) that they would find proof that would get them out of their predicament and get back to Salem to their loved ones.
The next morning……
Nicole woke from a restful sleep and picked up the clothes she had set out the night before and went to shower and get ready for her interview.
Then Nicole headed to the hotel restaurant for a quick continental breakfast of waffles with strawberry syrup, coffee with cream, and orange juice before heading to the address Nicole was instructed to meet El Fideo for the interview.
When Nicole got to the restaurant and headed in to meet with El Fideo, she was surprised to find Theresa Donovan as El Fideo’s escort sitting next to him.
“Mr. Fideo?” Nicole inquired, looking confused at Theresa, but not giving away that she knew her. “I was sent to do an interview with you.”
“Well, Ms. Walker, nice to meet you.” Mateo said cordially. “Please, call me Mateo.”
The interview went well, but Nicole wondered why Theresa was there. She vowed to find out.
Nicole made some calls and managed to get the Mateo’s address, thanks to an old friend back in her porn star days who owed her a favor for helping her get out the business.
Nicole went to the Mateo’s house and found a way to sneak in. She came to a room with two women talking, one she recognized as Theresa. Knocking on the door, Theresa answered and seemed grateful to see her.
As Theresa let Nicole in, she was surprised to find Chloe there too.
“Chloe? How did you get here?”
“I was kidnapped when I refused to accept a job offer about being in my own opera.”
“And how are you here, Theresa?”
“Mateo is an ex who demanded I come or he’d threaten Brady and Tate.”
“You were blackmailed into coming?” Nicole asked, seeing the light now. She remembered how hurt and betrayed Brady felt after Theresa “abandoned” him and Tate. “So, you didn’t ‘abandon’ Brady and Tate?”
“It was a setup to make Brady think that. I couldn’t let Mateo harm Brady or Tate. I had no choice but to leave!”
Nicole felt for Theresa. It must have been an impossible choice—to make Brady think she’d fallen back into drugs. What an act of love! She vowed that when they got back to Salem, she would make Brady see the selflessness of Theresa’s actions—but she didn’t know about Eve’s relationship with Brady since she broken up with Brady.
“I’m glad I got this job as an investigative reporter. I would’ve never been led to you two.”
“We are beyond grateful.” Chloe and Theresa said in unison.
“But we need a plan to break free from Mateo’s power.” Nicole told them, to which Chloe and Theresa agreed.
The three old friends put their heads together to come up with a plan to break free from Mateo’s compound.

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