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Nicole Walker was enjoying her new life in Paris with her daughter, Holly, despite the fact that Brady blackmailed her into leaving Eric by telling Salem PD she killed Deimos. But a surprise pregnancy gives Nicole pause for thought on whether she should head back to Salem to tell Eric about their daughter, Sienna Leigh?


Nicole Walker was enjoying her new life in Paris with her daughter, Holly, despite the fact that Brady blackmailed her into leaving Eric by telling Salem PD she killed Deimos. But a surprise pregnancy gives Nicole pause for thought on whether she should head back to Salem to tell Eric about their daughter, Sienna Leigh? If Nicole does go back to Salem, will she run the risk of losing both her daughters with Brady’s blackmail? And Sami Brady and Jordan are back in Salem with a surprise for Rafe of their own? Will it threaten Rafe’s romance with hope? Also, Will and Paul’s romance is threatened by Sonny and Will’s closeness as Will comes to terms with his memory coming back.


Nicole Walker – Arianne Zucker
Eric Brady – Greg Vaughan
Brady Black – Eric Martsolf
Jennifer Devereaux – Melissa Reeves
Eve Donovan – Kassie DePaiva
Theresa Donovan – Jen Lilley
Chloe Lane – Nadia Bjorlin
Lucas Horton – Bryan Dattilo
Sami Brady – Alison Sweeney
Jordan Ridgeway – Chrishelle Stause Hartley
Rafe Hernandez – Galen Gering
Commissioner Hope Williams Brady Jennings Hernandez – Kristian Alfonso
Will Horton – Chandler Massey
Jackson “Sonny” Kiriakis – Freddie Smith
Paul Narita – Christopher Sean
Ben Weston - Robert Scott Wilson
Ciara Brady - Victoria Konefal
John Black – Drake Hogestyn
Dr. Marlena Evans Brady Black – Diedre Hall

Chapter 1

“And how are my precious little girls.” Nicole cooed to year-old Holly and 2-month-old Sienna Leigh. Nicole took her daughters for a walk along the Seine in Paris to enjoy the scenery. As Nicole looked lovingly into her daughters’ eyes, she couldn’t help but notice how much Sienna looked so much like her father, Eric Brady, back in Salem?
Nicole had been contemplating going back to Salem to tell Eric about his daughter, but Brady’s blackmail made her keep quiet about Sienna since she found out she was pregnant shortly after she left Salem. Completely taken by surprise, since Nicole assumed she couldn’t have children, Sienna was a miracle. Well, actually, both of her girls were, thanks to Chloe Lane being a surrogate, giving birth to her and Daniel’s daughter. Nicole’s only regret was the drama that ensued afterwards.
But looking at Sienna, and knowing that Eric would want to know about his daughter, Nicole made the painful decision to go back and tell Eric about his daughter, no matter what happened.
Meanwhile, back in Salem, Brady found himself at Chloe’s Bar after learning about Eve’s part in having drugs planted in JJ’s apartment to make Theresa look like an unfit mother so he’d win the custody hearing.
“Brady, haven’t you had enough?” a concerned Chloe asked a tipsy Brady.
“Yea! Who the hell cares!” Brady said bitterly. “I hate women! They’re the bane of my existence!”
As Brady tried to pour himself another drink, Chloe knocked the glass from his hands.
“You don’t need that!” Chloe told him.
“Since when do you care?!”
“Since I’m you’re friend.”
“Yeah! If you’re such a friend, why did you keep quiet about Eve?!”
“I don’t know Brady, but it was obviously wrong of me to do so.”
“Yeah, you’re damn right you were!”
“Brady, I didn’t want to hurt you, but in the end, you did.”
“Well, I’m done with all you women!” Brady said taking one last swig of his drink. “Brady Black is a free agent from now on!”
Brady walked out of Chloe’s Bar satisfied by his decision to be free of women forever. Kristen! Theresa! And now Eve! The only one who really mattered to him was Chloe. Why did he ever divorce Chloe?

Chapter 2

Nicole was on the next flight from Paris to Salem with Holly and Sienna, despite being fearful about Brady’s promise about going to the Salem PD with his information about her killing Deimos Kiriakis. But Nicole’s only thought was telling Eric about his daughter. Everything else didn’t matter.
Back in Salem, Jennifer was getting ready for her wedding Eric the next day. It had taken a long time, but marrying Eric seemed the right thing to do since her husband, Jack, passed away saving their daughter, Abigail in an elevator shaft.
“Penny for your thoughts?” Eric kissed his fiancée on the neck.
“Just thinking how happy I am to be marrying you tomorrow.” Jennifer said kissing him back.
“You’re the one I want, Jennifer Rose.” Eric assured her.
“I realize that now.”
The two kissed again as they fell onto the bed to make love.
At the apartment of Will and Paul, Paul had just found proof of Will’s part in Leo’s death and set off to find and confront Will about killing Leo.
“Will?” Paul said when he found Will still sleeping.
“Oh, good morning.” Will said groggily upon waking up.
“I know what you did.”
“You killed Leo right before Sonny’s lawsuit.” Paul accused.
“How did you find out?”
“It doesn’t matter how I found out. The point is, I did find out.”
“Paul….you have it…” Will tried to explain.
“Why didn’t you come to me?”
“Paul, if you let me explain, I was going to tell you that I wasn’t the one who killed Leo.”
“Yea. Then who did?”
“That’s even worse, Will.”
“Paul, you don’t understand. Sonny killed Leo defending me.”
“Sonny killed Leo defending you?” Paul said sounding incredulously.
“Yes!” Will began his story. “Leo started choking me after I ratted him out about his past and Sonny threw Leo off me sending him into the fireplace.”
“That just sounds preposterous.” Paul told Will. “And what about Leo’s past?”
“I found out that Leo was a male prostitute who was in cahoots with Vivian to scam Sonny.”
“Leo was a male prostitute?” Paul said in disbelief.
“Yes. I found Leo trying to convince Sonny to marry him in order to drop the lawsuit.”
“Sonny was going to marry Leo?”
“Yes. But I walked in and ruin it and that was when Leo started choking me.”
“Well, thanks Will for telling me this.” Paul said before leaving for Black Patch to tell John about this new revelation.
After Paul left, Will didn’t know how he was going to tell him that since Leo choking him, he has recovered his memory and know how much he loved Sonny.

Chapter 3

It was Jennifer and Eric’s wedding day and the bride and groom were at the church early after spending the night together before the big day. They threw caution to the wind and decided it didn’t matter if they saw each other before the wedding. After all, after all they’ve been through, what could actually go wrong!
Meanwhile, Nicole’s flight landed in Salem. Taking Holly’s hand and pushing Sienna’s stroller, Nicole seemed relieved to be back in Salem.
Nicole put the girls in their car seats in the rental car and drove to Eric’s cabin. She couldn’t wait to see the look in Eric’s eyes when she told him about their daughter.
But when Nicole got to Eric’s cabin, he wasn’t there. That’s when a snoopy neighbor asked what Nicole was doing in the new couple’s cabin.
“Excuse me, ma’am? New couple?” Nicole asked the neighbor.
“Yes. The bride and groom.”
“Bride and groom?”
“Yes. Mr. Brady was getting married to day.”
“Married? To whom?”
“I don’t remember her name…Jenn…” the neighbor started to say.
“Jennifer? Eric and Jennifer are getting married? Today?” Nicole said more to herself. “Thank you, ma’am.”
When Nicole got to the church, friends and family were already gathering for Eric and Jennifer’s nuptials. She couldn’t believe that Eric would have moved on with Jennifer and marry her. But Brady’s blackmail forced her to leave Eric behind, so it was evident that he move on, especially after the way she left.
Nicole hid out of sight when she saw Brady enter the church to attend Eric’s wedding. He seemed happy for his brother, which really bothered her, but she didn’t see Eve when Eve tapped on her shoulder.
“Eve?” Nicole said turning to see who it was.
“Nicole? What are you doing here?” Eve said snidely, noticing Nicole had two babies. “Come to ruin the nuptials by professing your love for the groom?”
“No, I didn’t. I didn’t even know Eric was getting married today?” Nicole defended herself.
“And I thought you only had 1 daughter?”
“I, ah, adopted the other one.” Nicole thought on her feet, not wanting Eve to be the first to know about Eric’s daughter.
“Hmmmph! Looks a lot like Eric?” Eve commented before leaving Nicole alone and heading into the church.
As the music played signaling the bride to walk down the aisle, Adrienne, who was officiating their wedding, stood at the altar with a nervous Eric as everyone watched the bride walk down the aisle.
When Jennifer got the altar, Eric was stunned by Jennifer’s beauty as they stood in front of Adrienne, who began the wedding.
When Adrienne came the words, “Does anyone have any reason why these two people should not be joined together,” that’s when Nicole appeared at the entrance, as Eric and Jennifer looked into each other’s eyes.

Chapter 4

“Eric.” Nicole said, interrupting the wedding as she walked down the aisle with Holly and her youngest daughter, Sienna.
The wedding guests mumbled to themselves wondering why Nicole was there and who the little girl was.
“Eric, there’s something you need to know.” Nicole said to a stunned Eric.
“Nicole?” Eric said. “What are you doing here?”
“Eric, I had to come.”
“On my wedding day?”
“I didn’t know you were marrying Jennifer. But I do have something to tell you.” as she held his daughter in her arms.
“So? Spill it!” Eric said angrily.
“I gave birth to your daughter.” Nicole said to a confused Eric, while Jennifer stood there mystified.
“You had my child and you never found it in your heart to tell me?” Eric said irately.
“I was afraid!”
“Afraid of what!”
“Of what Brady would do!”
Jennifer knew what was coming next.
“What the hell does Brady have to do with not telling me you had my child!”
“Brady forced me to leave you and leave Salem with Holly.”
“And why would Brady force you to leave Salem with Holly!”
“He was going to the Salem PD with his proof that I killed Deimos! That’s why I left Salem, and why I couldn’t tell you about our daughter!”
All eyes were on Brady as Nicole revealed the truth about Brady’s actions.
Meanwhile, two women from Rafe’s past were also on their way back to Salem: Jordan Ridgeway and Sami Brady. Jordan, who was coming to support her brother, Ben Weston, after his release from the mental institution, and Sami, well, she had her own secret, that was going to makes waves when she returned.


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