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If we continue using our old ways of thinking to describe our current situation we get nothing more than “orthodox experiment disclosing orthodox novelty” Alfred North Whitehead.New way of thinking about policy formation


If we continue using our old ways of thinking to describe our current situation we get nothing more than “orthodox experiment disclosing orthodox novelty” Alfred North Whitehead.
Our country is only as successful as our ideas. If our ideas are out of date, the behaviors they drive will be out of date. The idea that emanate from a mechanistic, industrial age perspective influence behaviors very differently than the idea that emerge when we see our country as a complex adaptive system.Ideas contain all possibilities and at the same time may limit those possibilities. Our policies as a country can reveal sources of innovation behavior or constrain that behavior.

Nigeria is a product of our every day thinking. It's high time in Nigeria that we move towards, “HOW TO THINK IT” and not “HOW TO DO IT”. As a nation, our ideas and policies will help us to be powerfully generative in everything, our country and the people constituting the country do. When country gets stuck in old ways of thinking, they limit their possibilities.

In Nigeria, we are stuck in a similar kind of thinking; we continue to formulate the same things in the same ways. Our leaders must improve what is on ground to survive. But improvements that are incompatible with country's principle often produce confusion rather than growth.

The success and failure of our policies in Nigeria is very much the product of our country's cognitive structure. In Nigeria, innovation, economic, and political advancement can only take place when we challenge our static ideas and policies. Our country development will not simply appear because we will it to do so. It emerges out of our understanding of the way we know and learn our challenges.

There are basis for everything that takes place within our country. And when accessed properly, they provide the only source of our development and innovation available to sustain our country very existence. To formulate a new way of thinking, we must properly look into our principles, models, rules, and behavior as a nation. Our leadership in this country is an embodiment of our principles, rule, and behaviors. We need strong innovative leadership.

Strong innovative leadership is about encouraging people to look for new ways, to work outside the parameters of what's been done before to seek out new possibilities. Instead of finding fault in ideas; people need to ask themselves if the ideas are wrong or if the ideas are just different from what they are used to.

In Nigeria, our progress is blocked by our sacred opinion, assumption, rules of “the way it's done” and policies, while some policies may be valuable to maintain, others may be hindering the development process by preventing new ideas from surfacing. Our soul as a nation contains in itself the event of success and failure that will befall it, the event is only the actualizing of its thought.

Nigerians, we must tread in the areas that politics, culture, religion, cannot fence or separate us. We can never leave where we are unless some of the walls that we have built come down; for Nigeria to truly grow in this world and to survive this fast-paced world, Nigeria must step outside their outmoded perspectives, reevaluate our principle, rule, model, and policies on the basis of the new understandings, and adjust accordingly. In Nigeria, we must start dealing with issues that are threatening our existence. Existence is a process of everlasting becoming.

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