Night´s Child (First Part)

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This is the first part of a short story about a girl who had a big secret

Her Secret...

Midnight. Just a time when the nightmares come out and play freely. A good ammount of young human beings are afraid of this time of the day. The reason is simple. When the sun shines, you are free to do whatever you want, knowing that the tender sunlight is watching over you. But when the stars come out, you must face up all of those things that you try to forget during the daytime.
Yet, on a little town near of a river, lived a young girl called Sylvia that wasn´t afraid of the darkness. Apparently, was as normal as a girl her age could be. She loved playing with her dolls and wearing cute and colorful dresses. The people who knew her, couldn´t help loving Sylvia. She was such a sweet and caring little brunette, that one of her smiles could make everybody feel at home.
Her smile was her best weapon, because like her parents, she wasn't exactly the most talkative person in the world. Most of the time, she was found sitting under a tree, reading a heavy book or playing with a big porcelain doll that looked quite old, Sylvia enjoyed watching the other kids play, and every now and then, she even talked with them. But she never let anybody know her. Every time somebody asked her personal questions, Sylvia just gave superficial answers. Most people thought that, because of her pale-looking skin, maybe she was a sickly girl, and that was the reason why she was never seen playing with the other kids. But as the stars came out, she seemed to regain a lot of strength. Nobody knew why did she seemed to be more happier at night… The explanation of such a thing was pretty simple, and yet, stranger than anything seen before.

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20th Nov 2015 (#)

Great creativity with this piece! Good job.

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24th Nov 2015 (#)


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