Night´s Child (Second Part)

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This is the second part of the story of a girl who had a big secret.

Something about her...

Every day, as the stars came out, when the other inhabitants of the little town would be getting ready for a night of good sleep, Sylvia would be getting ready to come out and play. Forgetting about any kind of worry, she would come out of her house run, jump, and smile on a manner that would leave everyone mesmerized. At night, that sickly-looking girl who made everybody in the little town feel concerned about her wellbeing, at night turned into a being capable to put the greatest athlete to shame.
Had any of her neighbours seen her, Sylvia would have ended up at a big hospital in the city, being carefully examined to determine the real cause of the strange girl that happened to her every single night.
But Sylvia was totally sure that no one ever would discover her. The reason was actually, quite simple. The night protected her from any inquisitive eyes that could harm her. No one was able to see Sylvia at night. Even if somebody crossed paths with the young girl, at these hours of the night, they'd only feel her presence, without seeing not even an inch of her little body. Yes, she looked like an elementary-school girl, but her true identity was something that defied all the laws of logic. Sylvia was an immortal being. She looked like a little school girl, but, in fact, she was almost 900 years old.

That was the reason why she looked so weak under the sunlight.Even when it didn't kill her, it made Sylvia feel so weak, leaving her unable to play with the other children. But she never worried about it. How could she be worried about it, when at night, she was stronger than ever? Little animals gave her force, and the gentle night protected her from any harm. There was nothing to be worried about.

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