No Lines

Oluwasgun Chidike By Oluwasgun Chidike, 8th Oct 2017 | Follow this author | RSS Feed | Short URL
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A poem of life and spiritual warfare incorporating a couple of spiritual insights. Walking with God has definitely been a thrill.

No Lines

With foreknowledge, shouldn't nothing happen
From preparation...
Obvious are signs, no lines, between, no separation
Something's aiding this, behold, crime
Although, in righteousness, the throne was established, or should be, I mean
Good grief...
I gravitated to what's electric, it's  of the same thing, the essence
Or the absence of it, surely, bring some type of chain
But, I would have no choice and no option
The terrorism trapped me...
And if you think, for a second, we don't possess the power
Needed to deflect, one is blind
Just let it in to wax me, never'd bet it is
And exactly...
That's what you're made to think
It's never been that harmless, to harness the dark of hardened hearts
Forever, it's illegal, but, still, the evil embark
To start, regardless, so I part this, satanic massive net
With plans to smash the web, to silence
But, what you expect, is not, the guardian...
That vessel it was set for, once dead, it'd then return like normal, demons on the ride
Hungry for the righteous
Jesus' more, He armors His, in YHWH's peace
Despite demon wishes
Directed energy and methods
It's alright, Jesus
With me
The line you thought you seen between, erased, when money entered in the scene
Manipulation, stuff at stake, for something wicked leaders seek
To maime the Gospel
Maybe not in open, satan preys on watchers, messengers
And of the Light, and from above the law, they speak
Oppressing, the, upright, and less, in more discrete, malicious
Hell is never full
And such increase the visits, these, continuing to grieve the Father
These attacking me, and sending kitchen sinks even
Massive risks so I won't prosper, and it ain't the main expected, staged, connected
To hang the nets around, so things regress, and praise of heaven
Dead and drowned, and out, an aim to check the Light, to smite, out in darkness
But, it ain't the enemy, that setteth, bite down regardless, so many strike out in heartlessness
Celebrating when the Lord
Is chided...
Steady claim to praise Him, though they hate Him, as they hate His prophets
Saints, and others messengers, just come on out with it
The anti-Christ spirit in the earth
Which is why some hate
The truth...
YHWH made the earth, I'm at home...
My home away from home, many sacrificed to kill one, on the horizon, sitting, spanning appetite
I fear none, I see what really happens
Society is fooled, but not God, who only knows my thoughts, I just express
The Light, was tight before, so, now, it's still as cool
That's why he wants to wipe it off
For warriors still in school, to never feel the testimony, growing in God
During wicked rules, and twisted views
I work unto the Lord
Not for sin and doom, nor gloom
I'm never arrogant, ever
But if, I'm inaccessible, it's not an  accident
Clever, but not attached to it, I notice, so repulsive, detestable, wholly
Cannot make a joke of me, ignoring the golds
And strive to over speak, to overshadow, with my same style
Just to shoulder me...
Old to me, violations, I ain't 'sposed to see, it grows on me, some froze on me
When I ain't even thinking of them
Fishing for a problem, for the birds, I don't eat it, the worms, and creeping things
Ain't in my diet, Jesus came, I ain't in yokes
Broken, scoped awareness, I see, a thief, I'd never be
Eager for damnation, His power, can overturn the sea
The devil's playing games like Jehovah ain't merged with me, and, in this hour
Urgency, the foreknowledge, the Word of He, the Bible, Light, shines, amidst
Encouraging me, no idol worship, plus He knows my heart, and the start...
See, it's like this...
There's no way that I would throw any darts, to sow a scar, to what is innocent
Or wicked, by the way, and like today, if I had went and saw my health
Was physic, not up to par
Won't any have to be protected, I would go from the
'Cause, when distortion and the smear campaigns
Came, like before the signs, before I had to block my doors to sleep
In the homes of mine, there was never any defilements, of the nature
Not exactly, been a fan, of some  questionable activities, but tactics did withstand, framing games
To take away my happiness, I'd want no happy home, campaigners still inact the lies
To sabotage, they know what actually zoned
Cold, left me at the stone, to graph the soul, as slander tied, when mass exposed
To do anything to blow the candle's light, even staging battles
Fabricating, principalities, in the plans of satan
Handing hatred, carnally can't bounce back, my crown is pass the flesh
The sands are waning
And there's action to destroy my craft
In any sneaky way, mislead the day, to keep the shame at bay, but I ain't ask for
And my silence is consent to silence, minus this, particulars, the violence is okay
To the violent, why stuff all at me?
Experienced bits of hell, some intended, enough for all to see, I'm scripting truth
Regardless, a target, who can I call for me?
Jesus, seated, high, by the Father
In faith, He walks with me, like stalkers seen
No fear, perfect love, just casteth all that out
Talked about, I know it, I don't care
I give to God, no matter what I hear or see
The victory, is mine forever

Satan, you are a liar

My faith is strong in God
I praise the Lord

My life is all about my relationship with God...
All that other stuff sent just demon made

Time don't exists...


Eternally, Insight, Life, Persecution, Truth

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author avatar Oluwasgun Chidike
Author. Story Teller. Dreamer. Prophet of YHWH. One Of Those Revolutions Will Begin With A Pen.

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author avatar JoshuaClayton
11th Oct 2017 (#)

Yes. that is beautiful Oluwasgun, but right before I read your latest poem: I wrote a sort of answer. It is called "Shot of love", I hope you like it as much as I love your writing. I can only hope... Because I feel this deeply and I feel my writing deeply too. I can honestly say that this is our genuine tribute to God among other things we may do in life. Either way, it is all beautiful.

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